The Division Resurgence reveals its first gameplay

The Division Resurgence reveals its first gameplay

The game announced by Ubisoft last week, The Division Resurgence, is a third-person RPG shooter and will be free to play on mobile devices. After a week, the publisher recently released a new promotional video for The Division Resurgence and called it “a AAA experience with a new story set in a huge open world.”

Players can watch their characters battle enemies on the streets of New York and learn through Resurgence’s weapon handling and customization mechanics. Ubisoft commented, “This open-world game is an all-new take on Tom Clancy’s The Division series, with story, villains, and factions making their debut for the first time.”

Players will engage in a campaign standalone from The Division 1 and The Division 2. As an agent of the Strategic Interior Division (SHD), your mission is to restore order, protect civilians against hostile factions, and help them rebuild a better future.

The Division Resurgence is being developed by a team of top Ubisoft developers in collaboration with other studios and partners around the world. Players can start registering for the game’s next closed alpha. here.

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