The EACC Spring 2022 tournament officially starts in April 2022

The EACC Spring 2022 tournament officially starts in April 2022

EACC Spring 2022 is an electronic football tournament on FIFA Online 4 organized by EA with the participation of representatives from 4 Asian countries, namely Korea, China, Thailand and Vietnam.

Each country will have 3 representatives competing on the field, where the most talented players gather to seek glory in this tournament. The tournament starts from April 18 to 24 and promises to bring viewers explosive and eye-catching matches.


As announced last season, EACC Spring 2022 It consists of 3 rounds and takes place in its entirety in April 2022.

The detailed schedule for each round is as follows:

  • Selection round: It will take place in 1 day April 15
  • Group stage: April 18, 19 and 20
  • Playoffs: April 22-23
  • Final Round: April 24

Although the Covid pandemic is somewhat less serious than last year, to guarantee the health of all participating players and teams, EACC Spring 2022 will continue to be held Online.​


The total prize value of EACC Spring 2022 is up to USD 100,000 in cash (equivalent to VND 2.4 billion). This is one of the highest prized FIFA Online 4 national tournaments recently attended by the representative of Vietnam.

The prize structure is divided for each position in turn as follows.​

  • First Prize: 35,000 USD (~800,000,000 VND)
  • Second Prize: 18,000 USD (~415,000,000 VND)
  • Third – Fourth Prize: 9,000 USD (~207,000,000 VND)
  • Top 5 – 6: $6,500
  • Best 7 – 8: $4,000
  • Best 9 – 12: $2,000

In addition to prize money, EACC Spring 2022 is an opportunity for FIFA Online 4 Vietnam teams to hone their gaming experience and assert their position in the international arena by competing with the region’s leading countries. This theme in Asia is Korea, China or Thailand.​

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Just prior to the tournament, EA announced the competition format the audience would follow, specifically as follows:
Three teams from each participating country will compete against each other in a knockout format. winning branch – losing branch. Under the EACC qualification, each match will be played in a BO5 format, the team that wins 3/5 matches will continue in the winning bracket, the losing team will quickly drop to lose.

EACC tournament format

At EACC Spring 2022, Teams participating in BO5 no longer includes “winning stays” – allows teams to freely choose their representative players as in previous seasons.

Instead, both teams in the match will individually assign different athletes for the first 3 games. In the case of advancing to games four and five, athletes who have competed in games one, two and three may be nominated one more time.


Last season, the representatives of Vietnam did not have the perfect performance that was expected, but they still showed the potential to make a breakthrough on this international playing field.

BOX Gaming was usually unappreciated at first, but they won against strong opponents like Korea representative Liiv SANDBOX and then won the top 6 convincingly. This is a success for a young team in an international tournament.

With the position of the defending champion occupying the No. 1 position, the Korean representative Whizfox is definitely a formidable opponent in EACA Spring 2022. The other two names are also strong teams with impressive performances in the domestic tournament.

List of EACC participants


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Accompanying the audience at this tournament will be familiar names in the Fifa Online 4 gaming community such as: Vodka Quang, Tuyen Van Hoa, Binh Be, Cam Football,…

With rich experience and expertise, but the name above is very suitable for the role of transmitting endless energy to the audience in fiery matches and accompanying the progress of 3 Vietnamese teams in EACC Spring.2022.

BLV roster in EACC Spring 2022 tournament


The rules of the game are an indispensable part to ensure the fairness of each competition. Details:​


The EACC Spring 2022 tournament will be broadcast on the channels:​​

With the presence of quality coaches, EACC is sure to provide you with moments of entertainment along with exciting matches.

Watch and don’t forget to cheer on the 3 representatives from Vietnam!