The emergence of a survival game that follows the “Squid Game” that makes players’ hearts stop with fear.

The emergence of a survival game that follows the "Squid Game" that makes players' hearts stop with fear.

From the beginning on Netflix, the survival movie Squid Game quickly became famous and took the world by storm, creating an unprecedented fever. Based on the virality of the movie, recently on Roblox (an online platform that allows users to create their own 3D games) a popular game Fish Game appeared with a copper-like context and gameplay.

The Squid Game movie is taking the place by storm.

Specifically, Fish Game has the same gameplay as the “Green Light Red Light” game in the Squid Game movie, where players compete against each other and only the last survivor will receive a reward of 45.6 billion won. In Fish Game, when the giant doll turns its back to the player and starts reading the command, you have to slowly walk towards it and as soon as it turns around, you have to stand still, there should be no movement.

Interestingly, Fish Game has almost all the details in the prototype, such as guards with circular, triangle, square icons or a large room with tiered beds. Even the giant doll and the room are quite similar to the ones in the movie. In Fish Game, players can choose gender, hair color, … for their character based on their preference.

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