The emotional moment of T1 in Worlds 2022 received the award “Esport Photo of the Year”

Bức ảnh Esport của năm

The moment that moved millions of T1 fans at Worlds 2022 officially won the award Sports Photo of the Year.

Esports Photo of the Year Captures the Emotional Moments of T1 Warriors

Sport Awards 2022 officially closed with many brilliant nomination categories in 2022, with the goal of honoring the efforts and achievements of individuals and groups who have contributed to world sport.

Sports Photo of the YearSport Awards 2022

Including a prize category that made many fans heartbroken. It is a photo that captures the moment of the collapse of the T1 members after the loss to DRX at Worlds 2022 officially won “Sports Photo of the Year“.

Collin Young-Wolff owns the classic at Worlds 2022. The moment was recorded on the morning of November 6, 2022 with members appearing on the draw including Oner, Keria, and Faker.

Keria at that moment could not hold back the heartbreaking tears before losing with a narrow score of 3-2. Oner, the T1 jungler next to him, quickly comforted his friend and Faker, a T1 mid laner who could only be stunned by the fall of his younger brother Keria.

Sports Photo of the YearSports Photo of the Year

In a historic moment, DRX had a spectacular makeover against heavyweight rival T1. However, contrary to the predictions of most fans, due to T1 being the No. 1 seed to join the 2022 world match, they have performed very well and convincingly in front of the fans, being the most prestigious team. of the world. hope to win the championship trophy after 6 years of waiting.

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Keria shared at the post-Worlds 2022 press conference:

“DRX played more Bo5 than us, so I think his concentration in the last few seconds of the game will be much better.”

“At the time (after the loss) I was pretty disappointed in myself. I was pretty angry and all the negative things were taking over me.”

However, Keria also praised Deft and DRX at the Worlds 2022 press conference. He shared:

“Deft has been through a lot of hardship throughout his career to win this year’s World Championship. From the bottom of my heart, I want to congratulate you on your hard work.”

Keria - T1 Support PlayerKeria – T1 Support Player

This is the second world final that Keria has had the honor of competing in during her career. 6 months ago, the T1 wizard unfortunately lost to Royal Never Give Up in the 2022 MSI cup competition.

As an ambitious and ambitious breeder, we also secretly understand that Keria must have been devastated by the loss at Worlds, no wonder he couldn’t hold back his tears in front of many viewers. .

This image of Keria makes a lot of people think of Faker in 2017, when he competed at Worlds and lost 3-0 to Samsung Galaxy.

Faker shared at the post-Worlds 2022 press conference:

“There were many matches where we thought we were going to win, but the truth is that we made too many mistakes, DRX’s concentration was too good. I want to say that DRX did a great job and deserved the title”.

Collin Young-Wolff is known to be a professional photographer who works on League of Legends and Valorant related tournaments and events, most of which are organized by Riot Games. Of course, with the sheer scale of LoL Worlds, it’s impossible not to be present at the finals that will take place in North America in 2022. And since then, Sports Photo of the Year born!

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Sports Photo of the YearCollin Young-Wolff – Esports Photographer of the Year

The fan’s hope for the potential LCK seed.

After the LCK transfer event, both T1 and Faker made the decision to continue playing for the new 2023 season. That means they will use the old roster to compete in major tournaments in 2023.

Perhaps they have learned a lot from the runner-up position this year and are ready to break through next year. If they hold up their form, T1 is still expected to be a potential seed at Worlds 2023. Hopefully, we can say goodbye. Chart hissport of the year leaving behind many painful memories.

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