The exciting tournament Celestial Ring Cup 2022 closes the semifinals

The exciting tournament Celestial Ring Cup 2022 closes the semifinals

Aiming to provide a playground for the young talented, future esports athletes of the country’s esports village, the students of the Viet Duc Information Technology Club of Viet Duc High School organized the Valorant tournament under the name Celestial Rising. Cup 2022. Since its announcement, the tournament has received support from many esports-loving players, attracting the participation of 32 teams with 160 players from high schools in the city of Hanoi.

More than half a month after it started, the semi-finals of the Celestial Rising Cup 2022 were officially held last weekend in an extremely exciting atmosphere at Vikings Doan Tran Nghiep. This semi-final saw a special “competition” from the four biggest names in the tournament: Ba Dinh Fire Phoenix, Dep Zai Team, Glory, and Te De.

The 4 teams lit up the atmosphere in the venue with beautiful and emotional performances. In addition, it is impossible to miss the spectacular comebacks full of enthusiasm and surprise from these young players. Below, let’s take a look at GameHub’s memorable moments from this semi-final day.

Celestial Ring Cup 2022 is currently in the final stages of finding the most worthy name for the championship. The final round of CRC 2022 is expected to take place in an offline format on November 20.

All information about Viet Duc Information Technology as well as the tournament Heavenly Ascent Cup 2022Readers can access the official Fanpage of the club:

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