The Fanmade version of Half-Life surpasses the original on Steam

The Fanmade version of Half-Life surpasses the original on Steam

The Remake for Half-Life fans, Black Mesa is currently “outperforming” Valve’s original 1998 release. The Remake received more positive reviews than Valve’s classic FPS game. Black Mesa is not only one of the best games on Steam, but it is also a true Half-Life remake.

Anyone can comment that Black Mesa’s higher rating and critical reception wouldn’t have happened if Valve hadn’t released Half-Life. What’s important, though, is that developer Crowbar Collective’s love and care for the series has been recognized since Black Mesa launched on Steam in 2020.

The team behind Black Mesa took to Twitter to thank everyone for the reviews, sharing: “Today is a big day! Thanks to all of you! We reached an incredible milestone of 90,000 extremely positive reviews on Steam.”


Black Mesa currently has 90,118 reviews and 95% of these are positive. The classic Valve game has 71,940 reviews with 96% positive. Half-Life is a historical monument for the shooter genre and the video game industry, which is why the developers at Black Mesa get the approval of Valve and the entire Half-Life community. This is a great achievement for them.

Black Mesa has built a reputation and deserves to be on par with Half-Life. In the future, fans will have the chance to experience Half-Life 2 Remastered. The game will bring a visually revised and improved version of the sequel to the Half-Life series.

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