The game house of China’s most “playable” youth was questioned by police for making noise in the middle of the night

The game house of China's most "playable" youth was questioned by police for making noise in the middle of the night

If you are a regular follower of livestreamers and love eSports, you probably know that the daily life of Esports streamers and gamers is quite “out of beat” compared to ordinary people. The players practice regularly and broadcast at night, while during the day she rests to regain her strength. Due to this, esports organizations always try to take their Gaming House to isolated places to avoid disturbing people.

Recently, however, the LoL-loving Chinese community was quite shocked by the news that the Gaming House of the Invictus Gaming (iG) team, owned by the famous young master Vuong Tu Thong, was visited by the police in the middle of the game. with which the surrounding neighbors complained about the noise. It turned out that due to the difficult economic situation, Vuong Tu Thong was unable to bring iG to a private villa area, but had to rent a house in the middle of a cheap residential area, which led to complaints from people.

Images believed to be police “investigations” into iG’s Gaming House are spreading online.

It is this that has made netizens question Young Master Vuong’s entrepreneurial status when he is always referred to as a “billion dollar youth.” Vuong Tu Thong (1988) is the son of billionaire Wang Jianlin, one of the richest people in China. Mr. Vuong has a total net worth of up to $23 billion and is the founder of the Van Dat group and owner of the second largest real estate chain in the northern neighboring country.

The rich family of young master Vuong Tu Thong.

Vuong Tu Thong’s mother is also not an ordinary woman as Lam Ninh is the Chairman of the Board of Lam Thi Investment Group. Although her family background is unknown, many people speculated that she indeed had a “non-medium” background. She has great support from her family, she also has his own business, but maybe the situation is not good for Vuong Tu Thong.

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However, this information has not yet been verified. Not long ago, there were also some rumors that iG was preparing for “blood change” deals next year, so it is possible to save money to “buy” a new player that iG decided to hire in a residential area like Gaming. House. .

Invictus Games.

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