The game makers were simultaneously invited to “ride home” during the holiday season.

The game makers were simultaneously invited to "ride home" during the holiday season.

In the set of activities of the Campaign “Don’t slack off: stay home with vitamin C” hosted by OTA Network, challenge “Travel photo cover” has received an enthusiastic response from the cult line of game creators. Wanting to give spiritual strength to “brothers” during the epidemic season, the challenge has attracted thousands of participants and produced works that “sink” in the first week of its release.

To participate in the challenge, the creators will use furniture from home to recreate any travel photo (the original photo can be a travel photo of themselves or family, friends,…). Immediately, the living space, all the pots and pans, even a broom, or every corner of the house come together to create a “virtual life” tool.

As one of the first creators to “place a bid” to join the challenge, Tin Dubai was quick to show his inherent confusion with a “super product” of land kayaking.

The fans of “Teacher Tin” took the opportunity to make fun of the idol by revealing dozens of “secrets” such as “How Tin Dubai can navigate on land” or “3 steps to row at home with Tin Trac”. ..

Rowing at home with the teacher “Confidence”

The talented Sunny was also quick to join in with her big sister-inspired “riding in a chair” photo. Despite being commented as “not as charismatic as the original”, Sunny still made people laugh for the charming and charming appearance of her.

Sunny covers the image of Hang Dam’s sister

Lai Bang…

…and Bomman quickly joined the challenge

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The meaning behind the cover photos

Behind a series of entertaining activities, “Don’t slack off: stay home with vitamin C” Desire to add optimism to love life: a vitamin that helps to increase mental resistance during the epidemic season. In addition, the campaign also has a very human meaning, as the creators call on the gaming community to unite to support the state vaccine fund, support doctors and front-line soldiers against the epidemic, to become the most special vitamin that has the ability to repel the pandemic, bringing many significant messages to the community and society.

As an ambassador for Facebook Gaming and also an ambassador for the campaign, ViruSs has taken very significant actions:

“Everyone, let’s join hands to comply with the government’s regulations on epidemic prevention. If possible, please donate to the Fatherland Front Central Committee Fund and support the Covid-19 Vaccine Fund to support frontline doctors and soldiers in the fight against the epidemic. Everyone’s contribution will help quickly roll back the pandemic.”

VirusSs as campaign ambassador

In addition to creating content and delivering quality live streams to the public, creators are now also contributing their voice and building the community through hands-on actions.

Regarding Sunshine, she said:

“This is an opportunity for me and the Creators to contribute to support the community. Creators with different influences, big and small, can jointly ask the audience to support the campaign, I believe that the campaign will achieve great effects and results. As a Creator, I am very happy and proud of the contribution of the Creator community to the campaign.”


“Don’t slack off: stay home with vitamin C” is one of OTA Network’s most practical community campaigns to bring positive values ​​to society. Through this campaign, OTA Network and Gaming Creators want to spread positive energy to everyone, raise the spirit of “staying at home is patriotic” and above all, at the same time contribute a small effort to all countries to fight against the pandemic. .

Information to receive support:

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  • At the Joint Stock Commercial Bank for Investment and Development of Vietnam (BIDV), Ba Dinh Branch
    • Account Name: Central Committee of the Vietnam Fatherland Front

    • Account number (VND): 1261 000 1122 666

    • Account number (USD): 1261 037 0000 666​​


  • At the Joint Stock Commercial Bank for Investment and Development of Vietnam (BIDV), Transaction Office Branch 1
    • Account Name: Central Committee of the Vietnam Fatherland Front

    • Account number (VND): 1201 0000 979797​​

    • Account number (USD): 1201 037 0000 123