The Manh Tan battlefield was full of people on the day of the launch of the new Thien Y Cung server

The Manh Tan battlefield was full of people on the day of the launch of the new Thien Y Cung server

The new Thien Y Cung server officially landed on August 26, it is the latest 2022 server to recreate the nostalgic gameplay, feature system, and simplified sect as the way Phong Than once raided players from the past. Players are present in all the playing fields of the new server, from the brutal battlegrounds of Thuong Chu and Manh Tan, the exciting Battle of Van Tien to the boisterous and crowded boss hunts.

On the first day of its release, Thien Y Cung created a good effect with an enthusiastic reception from the players. They encouraged each other to experience the game and enthusiastically discussed in the community group.

It has been a long time since there has been such a lively Manh Tan!

The most exciting of the activities to celebrate the new server is the wage and salary stealing function in the Manh Tan battlefield, which takes place dramatically throughout the day and night. As the land of fierce PK battles, players often come to Manh Tan to demonstrate their martial arts skills with the Three Kingdoms. On Thien Y Cung’s server, it was difficult for wage trucks to go to Manh Tan to cross the border, and there were continuous battles between the two sides to steal wages and salaries.

The players were engrossed chasing each other until late at night, the remaining group watching through the live streaming screen was equally enthused. Witnessing Manh Tan’s constant in and out of the land, players must say, “It’s been a long time since there’s been a server where Manh Tan is so busy!” The transport function can be seen to provide hours of sultry competition, stimulating the fighting spirit for the chess world to maximize its strengths.

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Players appreciate and are excited to experience salary, salary theft in Manh Tan

The Thien Y Cung server has truly brought a new source of energy to the Phong Than gaming community. Gamers seem to once again relive the memorable moment of youth, when the entire community is intimately linked with each other due to the same love for the compact but attractive fairy game.

Transformative efforts of an old fairy tale game

16 years is a relatively long journey, especially in the context of the ever-changing and innovative Vietnamese gaming market. This is a challenging period of existence, but it also reaps many “sweet fruits” from Phong Than. To do this, the game always captured the changes, continually updated the new version every year, creating new and many game areas for players at each level.

The recently released new version of Bach Chien Vuong Ton has brought positive effects. This new version has continuously updated attractive features, making it easy for player to join the new server, including: New Thuong Chu, New Beast, New Boss Hunt Map Nien Beast,… Any player can join the boss hunt at the right level with the multi-level expansion playground feature to provide the best experience for players. This is also a chance for the nobles in the Phong Than game to earn valuable items when they hunt bosses.

Owning new pets in the Bach Chien Vuong Ton version

Boss Hunting Nian Confess Moon Flower Monsters

The highlight of Bach Chien Vuong Ton is the new feature Bach Tric, players will transform into ethnic people like Xiuu, Xuan Vien, Shen Nong, Human Toc, Ma Toc, Long Toc, Yaksha Tri… Each clan will own different methods. cultivation, which increase combat power and personal skills. Also, by participating in Wilderness Trial, Collecting Geniuses of the Earth or Guardian of the Essentials, the character will increase in rank from Sign Disciple, Outer Sect Disciple, Inner Sect Disciple, Deacon… to Patriarch Explorer.

Join the clan to increase the power of the character.

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Each level will have its own playground – don’t worry too much about the difference between the characters.

The Thien Y Cung Battlefield and the Bach Chien Vuong Ton Battlefield are eagerly awaiting the participation of the nobles. Let’s join the Phong Than community to relive the beautiful memories of war games and search for the famous precious treasures of the Three Kingdoms.