The most SLAY female general with the best “overcoming”!

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Where is The most SLAY female general that you know, see some generals arena of valor later guys!

Mage Lauriel: Guardian of the Temple of Light

laurie is a character who assumes the position of a mage and an assassin on the Alliance battlefield. Famous for his superior skill set, Lauriel can “shoot” bearded enemies in the blink of an eye.

General lauriel The most murderous general of the coalition.magician laurie

Although the amount of healing is low, Lauriel possesses a “serious weapon” which is move 3: Judgment Station, the weapon that makes the girl mage ranked as one of the most “overpowering” generals in the Union.

Lauriel’s Judgment Station activates a ring of light at her feet, which lasts for 12 seconds. When the ring is opened, Lauriel will exert a powerful damage ability on the opponent, and when the ring is closed, it will also deal a lot of damage.

I understand why Lauriel is called a wizard cum murderer, the left hand job is a wizard, but the right hand job is a cold blooded killer! Only a fool would dare hit her!

Goddess Liliana: The all-powerful magician of Ho Quy Phi

Players consider Ho Quy Phi Liliana one of the most powerful generals with a set of 6 super attack skills. Early in the game, when casting move 1, Liliana will land a powerful punch to deal heavy damage to the opponent in mid lane.

General Liliana The most murderous general of the coalitiongoddess liliana

However, what makes this noble lake one of Lien Quan’s assassin wizard generals is its ability to kill late game. liliana.

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Liliana, who plays the “save the best for last” system, one of the most murderous female generals in the district :))))) liliana he likes to fight opponents with last single move, push enemy team with moves 1 and 2, especially idiots who like to solo fight with Liliana when her skill increases a lot late game.

Assassin Airi: The most magical ninja

At the start of the game, airy I don’t get along with the enemy team very often, I mainly set the stage for the enemy team to blow up first, then deal with them later.

General Airi The most murderous female general in the coalition.killer air

airy Possessing the Sword Dance ability that creates extremely high damage, it is one of ninja Airi’s most magical moves, helping her move like an arrow with 3 waves. And every time she passed such an opponent, Airi would “accidentally” take extremely high blood from the opponent. General, airy he is a would-be assassin general who deserves to be ranked among the best generals in the Union in terms of playability.

Here are the The most murderous general in the Union Army About the ability to outplay the opponent, check if someone owns these babies :)))))

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