The names that “determine the fate” of the Computer Arena Season XI Finals

The names that "determine the fate" of the Computer Arena Season XI Finals

After 3 days of extremely intense play-off competition, Computer Arena Season XI has found the top 2 representatives to advance to the final, namely Vikings Find Sponsors and X-Stadium Lazy. And among the great players that the two teams will bring to the Ho Xuan Huong Gym on January 8, who will be the key factors that will determine the fate of the deadly BO5 series? Let’s find out in this article!

FrightingK (Lacaration): Vikings’ bold experiment to find sponsors

Formerly known to the audience as Cerberus, the Vikings Seeking Sponsorship (3T) lineup brings together the names that can be considered the most experienced in the Vietnamese VALORANT village. However, the fluctuation in both lineup and form has seen this name gradually lose its standing and need “revolutionary” changes in order to regain its former glory, or in the foreseeable future, the throne of king in Computer Arena XI. And one of those bold decisions is to give young talent FrightingK the chance to play untested on any previous playing field.

Vikings Find Sponsors line-up in the final

FrightingK’s real name is Bui Minh Tuan, a new VALORANT Vietnam talent who has become a duelist and has achieved high rankings in Southeast Asia. But in the play-off games on the live broadcast, the audience probably also realized that FrightingK had to take on a much more complicated role in Vikings 3T, which was to play “Flex”, many different flexible agents for the lineup. of each team. He might be a true “battle-type” Reyna, but there are times when people see him replay Sage, Omen, Breach…

FrightingK has the opening game in the tiebreaker with extremely impressive stats and the MVP title

Despite having to play flexibly as a support agent for the team’s overall strategy, in terms of true shots, FrightingK is pretty loose and the team’s seniors make it easy for him to shine. Obviously, the intention of the members of Vikings 3T is to want this young talent to achieve the best comfort during the competition to have sublime driving situations. The characteristic of young talents is instability, they can be very flying, but they can also be weighed down by pressure.

Therefore, in such an important match as the Computer Arena final, the FrightingK brothers certainly did not expect their younger brother to play with any psychological burden. Some in-game “pampering” will be a good option for Vikings 3T members to help FrightingK build up his confidence and unleash his inherent aggressive shooting style. In short, FrightingK is a very new name, perhaps an immature link that is easy to exploit, but if played freely among the older people, it will be a trump card with a lot of potential power. treasure.

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Bucute: The under-noticed young talent of X-Stadium Lazy

The pre-tournament X-Stadium Lazy may have been seriously underrated compared to the Vikings sponsorship, but their unbeaten record in the playoffs has caused many to change their minds. Of course, there are too many factors that determine the result of a team in the tournament, from the performance, the selected map, the mentality of the opponent… but the human factor still plays a key role and is recognized by the most interested viewers. Unfortunately, when it comes to people, the audience is still only attracted to the famous names in the community, but forget about other hidden talents who are always ready to explode and make a turning point in the match.

X-Stadium Lazy lineup in the final

Bucute is such a talented player form of X-Stadium Lazy. He’s not too popular with the audience, but among his teammates, the veterans absolutely trust his ability. The proof is that Bucute was given the role of the team’s main duelist during the tournament, the biggest agents (Jett and Raze) were picked, especially the Raze card with up to 80% pick rate. Bucute’s playstyle is like many other young players: big hands and high mutants, so in this duelist role, he always takes it upon himself to lead the way, looking for early kills to gain an advantage for the team. The first 29 kills, K/D close to 1.9, a total of 167 kills after 3 days of play-offs are indicators that show the game effectiveness of this young talent.

The confidence of the Bucute clutch with its forte Raze

But based on individual abilities alone, Bucute wasn’t that dangerous. The central point that helps this young talent to play extremely well is that the whole team plays with him like a satellite, enthusiastically supporting him to fulfill his mission to the best of their ability. He’s not afraid to put faith in the hands of the young gunslinger who has helped X-Stadium Lazy to some very fine achievements in the Computer Arena XI, taking down many other big names in the play-offs, including both BAAMs.

Some other names to keep in mind

In addition to the two young talents with extremely good personal skills mentioned above, the fate of the finals also depends a lot on a number of other notable names. One of them is Redneval, the Vikings Find Sponsors player. Originally a star player on the team, but coming into Computer Arena Season 11, when former In Game Leader (IGL) Akashi left the team, it was Redneval’s turn to take on this IGL role. Instead of just focusing on firefights and creating mutations, Redneval will now have to slow down to call the team and strategize round by round. How effectively Vikings Find Sponsors will play will no doubt depend a lot on Redneval’s ability to balance between filming and calling on the directing team.

Having to roll and call the team at the same time will greatly affect Redneval’s performance.

Meanwhile, on the X-Stadium Lazy side, Bucute’s main firepower sublimation will also depend a lot on players playing the role of “playmaker” like Moef. As a multi-position player, Moef is the strategic card of X-Stadium Lazy, and also the one who can shine with Bucute as much as possible. Most importantly, Moef is a dynamic and active player, so he will be a solid foothold that will lift the spirit of the entire team whenever X-Stadium Lazy is in trouble or leading.

Moef – the “builder” of X-Stadium Lazy

The Computer Arena Season 11 Overall Finals will not only be a showdown of techniques and tactics, but also a battle of faith, with both teams featuring young and strong elements, but young in terms of experience in LAN competition. Which team will win, which name will overcome the pressure of hundreds of spectators on stage to shine and become the champion of the tournament?


The final match of Computer Arena Season 11 will be held at 8:00 am on January 8, 2023 at Ho Xuan Huong Stadium – Ho Chi Minh City. The tournament is organized by Intel and family partners such as VNGGames, AOC, Dell, Gigabyte, Lexar, Logitech, MSI, Predator, Samsung, Seagate, ViewSonic, TP-Link, CocaCola. The machine used in the tournament final will have a lousy setup with “effective helpers” for shooters like: ViewSonic XG2431 240Hz 1ms Gaming Monitor, Acer Orion 3000 PO3-640 Desktop, Logitech G502-X Mouse, Logitech G413 TKL Keyboard, Logitech G435 Headset, MSI MAG CHI130 Gaming Chair. The wheel is also equipped separately. 2 AOC 24G2E monitors. to follow and comment on the nearest match.

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In addition, the final event of Computer Arena Season XI will also have many attractive gifts for the audience to attend, participate in the match show with sangtraan and Bomman, and other interesting exchange activities, don’t miss it!