The new Dragon Ball Super movie revealed the first teaser and announced the release date

The new Dragon Ball Super movie revealed the first teaser and announced the release date

A few hours before the article was published, DBHype released a short trailer for the new Dragon Ball Super movie. Although the clip doesn’t reveal too much, it does provide important information such as the official name of the film and when it will be released.

Like other famous anime series, Dragon Ball has a large number of loyal fans who always eagerly wait for the new movie. According to Toei Animation’s previous announcement, the new film will have a plot that will take place in the Dragon Ball Super part of the timeline, so it will become a sequel to Dragon Ball Z released in 2015, not Dragon Ball Super : Broly (2018). . Fans have inferred that the title Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero means that the film will emphasize “superheroes”, alluding to the superhero vibe the film is going for.


Additionally, Toei also confirmed that Dragon Ball manga creator and long-time creator Akira Toriyama is working closely with the production team to make the new film. It is known that author Toritama will participate in most stages, such as plot writing, character design, and character dialogue. Toei Animation hopes this new Dragon Ball movie will be unlike any other movie in the history of this famous intellectual property.

Author Toriyama once shared with fans that a new character is likely to appear in this movie, some battles are quite entertaining but still extremely exciting. Although everything is still under wraps, a surprise character is certainly an intriguing proposition for the first Dragon Ball series movie in 3 years. It is not yet clear whether the film will be released in theaters outside of Japan or not.

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