The new PC game drives the online community crazy

The new PC game drives the online community crazy

Steam rankings are always unpredictable and have surprised many users with the appearance of some games such as Battlefield 1, Final Fantasy XIV or the beta version of New World. However, over the weekend, a game that combines elements of drawing and word guessing suddenly entered Steam’s top 25.

Draw & Guess was released in March of this year, but it wasn’t until last weekend that this game became widely known, with the number of daily concurrent players increasing from approximately 4,000 to a record number of 35,937. This is pretty impressive growth in a five-day period.


Draw & Guess is a fairly simple group game, similar in style to The player receives the keyword and draws a picture to help other players guess the keyword. Simple, fun gameplay and an “affordable” price of $2.99/£2.09/€2.39 help Draw & Guess easily become a phenomenon during the social distancing period.

However, for players who use Vietnamese or English as their display language, finding Draw & Guess groups online will be a bit difficult because the game is currently mainly played in China. A number of reviews on Steam point out that language barriers are a major obstacle when playing games in a group.

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