The opportunity for players to find the “halo” in the new Tuong Phung Cluster of Love Sword 3D

The opportunity for players to find the "halo" in the new Tuong Phung Cluster of Love Sword 3D

For more than 3 years from the game release to now, Tinh Kiem 3D has always tried its best to become the #1 MMORPG game in the Vietnamese romance game village. And now, Tinh Kiem 3D can be proud of what it brings to the gaming community through thoughtful and thoughtful game development and improvements.

Returning to this event, as soon as the Tuong Phung group was revealed to be released, Tinh Kiem 3D revealed that the TOP racing event with “102” would appear. Continuing after that, Tinh Kiem 3D immediately released a series of “terrible” event giveaways that players couldn’t help but notice. In Tuong Phung’s group, rookies received attractive gifts such as Thiep Tam Butler Fashion, I Love Love Sword title, Canh Phong Than, Dedication to be able to participate in “brand new” PK matches in the best way.


Along with a series of rookie giveaways is a series of super-big and super-giant TOP racing events, with extremely valuable giveaways. The rapid leveling up in the Tuong Phung group is also a chance for you to stand shoulder to shoulder with the VIP players without having to be afraid like before. Now, just wait to admire the impressive TOP racing matches until the last moment.


Race TOP Force Chien Lien Server (April 15 – April 29)

Always one of the most desired careers by gamers, because not only do they prove to be an outstanding talented hero in the best PKs, but gamers also get “rich gifts” of BTC from Love Sword 3D. The race will honor the outstanding people who entered the TOP 10 largest fighting strength of the Tuong Phung group.

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The “terrible” gift that made gamers tremble when Tinh Kiem 3D revealed that it was the “famous” 256GB Macbook Air M1 for the TOP 1 force.


The TOP 2 fighting force is equally “race” when you receive a 128 GB iPhone 13 product of your choice and TOP 3 will receive a stylish Apple Watch S6.


Of course, in addition to valuable and attractive in-game gifts, players will also receive rare in-game items, such as Hero Fragment Box, Phu Tang, Soul Stone Choice Box, Primary Spirit Dance, Box, elective dictionary, elective box. of the secret book

Race TOP Top Load Tien Ngoc Lien Server (April 15 – April 21)

Players just need to deposit at least 5,000 Tien Ngoc to get a chance to participate in this event. The 256 GB Ipad Pro M1 is still waiting for the owner of the TOP 1 Emperor to drive the car to take it home. And from TOP 2 to TOP 10, players will also receive “genuine” items such as Epic Spirit Chosen Box, Spirit Spirit Pick Up Box, Phi Quynh Than Wings, Star Rising Pieces. Additionally, based on deposit milestones and ranks, you can also receive lifetime Honor rewards.


Race TOP Inter-Server Level (April 15 – April 24)

In addition to TOP cross-server racing, Tinh Kiem 3D also hosts another TOP cross-server level racing event with equally special “splendid” costume giveaways such as Van Thien Son and VIP Fashion Set, Doan Ngo Tong Huong Fashion, Thanh Fashion Set Porcelain Hoa, Wing S Choice Box….

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In addition to the awesome TOP races mentioned above, Tinh Kiem 3D also “reveals the secret” of an upcoming couples-only Landing coming soon “in the future” with lots of awesome fun.

Join Tinh Kiem 3D to experience the Tuong Phung cluster to immediately receive great gifts and immerse yourself in the exciting TOP races to “heart attack”. The prize of almost 100 million dong is still in the chest of Tinh Kiem 3D waiting for you to take it home.

TOP race details: see here