The Shocking Sex Scandal: Chinese Star Axed by Lien Quan Mobile

The original game Lien Quan Mobile canceled the contract with a Chinese male star due to a shocking sex scandal.

In the realm of Vietnamese and Chinese social media, a scandalous storm has erupted surrounding Ngo Diec Pham, a 1.87-meter-tall male star born in 1990. The hot topic of conversation among internet users and the fandom community is the shocking revelation made by Do My Truc, a former lover, who accused him of seducing minors, engaging in non-consensual sexual activities, and even resorting to aphrodisiacs to boost his stamina. It appears that the original Lien Quan Mobile game has promptly severed its ties with this scandal-stricken actor.

The Fallout from the Scandal

This is not the first time Ngo Diec Pham has found himself embroiled in sexual misconduct allegations, although the severity of the accusations this time is particularly grave. By engaging in illicit interactions with minors, he has jeopardized not only his own reputation but also that of Kris Wu, another actor and singer. Do My Truc, the courageous woman who laid bare the truth, claims that they possess sufficient evidence to warrant a prison sentence of up to ten years for Ngo Diec Pham.

The ramifications of this scandal have reverberated throughout the Cbiz, culminating in a swift and substantial boycott. Brands such as Lancome, Tuborg, and even the Royal Glory game (the original Lien Quan Mobile game) have distanced themselves from the actor, terminating their contracts and pulling their endorsements.

Lien Quan Mobile Takes a Stand

Vuong Gia Trinh Dieu, the team behind the highly acclaimed Chinese MOBA game, Lien Quan Mobile, announced on their official Weibo page that they terminated their collaboration with Kris Wu in the first half of 2021 and have no plans to renew his contract in the foreseeable future. This bold move has been met with widespread applause from netizens, with many demanding justice for the female artists who fell victim to Ngo Diec Pham’s alleged harassment.

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Demand for Justice

Amidst this whirlwind of controversies, it becomes evident that the voices of those affected must be heard. Calls for a boycott of all activities associated with Ngo Diec Pham have grown louder, driven by a desire to stand in solidarity with the female artists who have suffered at his hands. The repercussions for his career and reputation are sure to be severe.

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The original game Lien Quan Mobile canceled the contract with a Chinese male star due to a shocking sex scandal.

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