The queen’s 24-karat gold-plated game console sells for nearly VND7 billion

The queen's 24-karat gold-plated game console sells for nearly VND7 billion

In recent years, gold-plated electronic products are no longer something new, more recently gold-plated iPhones, gold-plated PS5s have appeared… Recently, a gold-plated game console was put on sale at a price exorbitant. much higher than similar products, but of course there is a reason, this console is special because it was originally a gift for the queen.

In 2009, publisher THQ was commissioned to produce a special Nintendo Wii and present it to Queen Elizabeth II at Buckingham Palace as part of a promotional campaign for BIG Family Games. It is known that the gift for the queen was completely plated in 24-karat gold. It is unknown whether the queen ever used this precious console or not, but it eventually fell into the hands of collector Donny Fillerup.

12 years later, the console suddenly reappeared before the public in a way that no one expected. It is sold on eBay for $300,000 (about VND7 billion). It turns out that Donny Fillerup was recently looking to buy a new place to live and decided to sell items from his collection, including a gold Wii.


This famous collector said he bought a 24-karat gold Wii in 2017 and remained silent about it until producers from the YouTube channel People Makes Games approached him in 2019. Although the value was much higher, this console is no different in performance in comparison. to the regular Wii.

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