The reaction of MisThy Doc Toc 2 also did not forget about the close friend of “cà khà”, Linh Ngoc Dam and his ex.

The reaction of MisThy Doc Toc 2 also did not forget about the close friend of "cà khà", Linh Ngoc Dam and his ex.

Shortly after its debut, Streamer Do Mixi’s MV Do Toc 2 reached Top 1 on Youtube’s trending tab and attracted more than 11 million views, an achievement not inferior to any famous name music product. Not only are the MixiGaming Tribe brothers loved, but this MV is also well received by the famous Streamer and Youtuber community; especially among them is MisThy.

MV Do Toc 2 reached over 11 million views after almost a week of release.

She recently made a reaction video to her close brother’s new song and didn’t forget to lightly tease her best friend Linh Ngoc Dam and her ex when she saw both of them appearing in a frame of the MV. Specifically, when MisThy looked at the drawing of Linh Ngoc Dam and the Buddha sitting next to each other on the stands, he innocently joked: “There is a Buddha sitting next to the Linh Ngoc Dam, it’s me, I added a broken heart mark in the middle.”


Are you heartbroken like that, MisThy?

This is a fatal joke when recently the Buddha publicly had a new lover and Dam General also hinted that he too was in love with someone. That is why the fairy tale of the “mirror broken and healed” is likely not to come true, as many people who still work hard to propel the ship want. Although they have each gone their separate ways for a long time, Buda and Linh Ngoc Dam still maintain a close friendship and interact a lot on social media, so fans of both still hope that one day a talented couple can fall in love again.

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However, besides her best friend, MisThy was also very excited when she found out that even though she didn’t appear in the drawing, her representative chibi image was sitting on NLD’s lap like a secret wish closed for so long.

MisThy’s line of stuffed animals.

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