The RPG product, “Thien Nhat Kiem”, is scheduled to open CB at 10:00 on November 16.

The RPG product, "Thien Nhat Kiem", is scheduled to open CB at 10:00 on November 16.

Accordingly, Breaking Heaven Nhat Kiem will officially open Open Closed Beta at 10:00 am on November 16, during the Closed Beta, players can participate in the game experience and participate in special event activities on Fanpage to receive high-value gifts. Breaking Thien Nhat Kiem is compatible with the Android operating system to serve a large number of players.


In Breaking Thien Nhat Kiem, players will be able to choose 1 of 7 character classes including: Nhat Kiem, Nam Cung, Chi Lo, Ngo Than, Tu Nha, Van Dinh, and Mau Chi. Each character class has its own advantages and disadvantages, such as Nhat Kiem has the advantage of melee combat, fast attack, Ngo Than has strong control ability and explosive abilities. Depending on personality and preferences, players can choose for themselves an appropriate path.


In terms of gameplay, Breaking Thien Nhat Kiem has all the important features of a classic RPG like: Battlefield Lien SV, Boss Hunting, Fashion, free trading… be the special glue that connects the gaming community.


Breaking Thien Nhat Kiem supports English and Vietnamese languages ​​to serve the Vietnamese gaming community. Right now, those of you who are using the Adnroid OS, can join the pre-registration to be ready to experience this highly anticipated game.

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