“The Search for Tan Minh Chu” – The ultimate combination of the two phenomena Tan Minh Chu and Action C

“The Search for Tan Minh Chu” – The ultimate combination of the two phenomena Tan Minh Chu and Action C

When talking about short films about martial arts, everyone mentions Action C.

When talking about Kim Dung’s best swordplay today, Tan Minh Chu is a name that cannot be ignored.

And “The Search for New Master Minh” is the combination of those two extremely hot phenomena.

Just a few hours after its release, this short film attracted a lot of attention from Action C fans in particular and the Kim Dung Sword fan community in general, the film quickly achieved over 1 million views in one day. debut. Many national and international famous streamers such as Do Mixi, Hung 2 Nao, MGJDT,… reacted to this short film, everyone was surprised with the quality of the Vietnamese film when both the content and the form had a breakthrough. .


The story is about Doc Co Cau Bai’s journey to encounter his first failure. Anyone who has seen the movie or read the story of Kim Dung will no longer be familiar with this name. His whole life as a champion was very lonely, Doc Co Cau Bai only had one dream: to experience failure once to know his flaws, to perfect his kendo, but why didn’t he have a worthy opponent?

The image of Doc Co Cau Bai in Tan Minh Chu

The battle began with Hoang Duoc Su, Au Duong Phong, and Cau Tap Nhan, who were said to be the best practitioners of internal techniques, but it ended very quickly. The victory went to Doc Co Cau Bai, who was disappointed and continued searching for his opponent.

He sought out experts who had been famous for a long time, but unfortunately, even Doan Du and Hu Truc were defeated by him. The two brothers combined their swords but were unable to defeat Doc Co Cau Bai’s profound martial arts skills.


Finally, the last boss also appeared to protect his brothers, the clan leader Cai Bang Kieu Phong, entered into battle. The two grandmasters had a crushing battle and after many inconclusive moves, both unleashed their dominance.

World famous Doc Co Cuu Kiem lost half a beat to the incomparably powerful Giang Long Thap Bat Chuong. Doc Co Cau Bai’s path to invincibility has come to an end. Surely Doc Co Cau Bai will perfect his flaws, one day he will return and be more powerful than before, the battle with Kieu Phong will probably continue in the near future.


But it was all just a dream, Action C turned the wheel in an unexpected way, many streamers had to laugh at the plot twist at the end of the movie. Funny but profound, the filmmaking team conjures up familiar images, such as fighting fake battles, playing games, and shouting with friends about the big moves of martial arts masters. Thus expressing the first childhood love of people who have enjoyed the works of Kim Dung’s history.

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All the battles in the movie are very pleasing to the eye and ear. With experience in Hollywood’s biggest studios, the “martial arts masters” have brought classic martial arts scenes with incredible speed and frequency. Especially in the final solo fight between Doc Co Cau Bai and Kieu Phong, the martial arts element of the film reaches its climax with graphic effects that recreate two martial arts masterpieces, Doc Co Cuu Kiem and Giang Long Thap Bat . Attorney General.

The deep meaning is conveyed by Tan Minh Chu.

“Life is like a dream, people wake up and their dreams disappear
The world is like a drama, people are scattered and ruined.”

The most beautiful things in life are like a dream, people often compare it like that, but in “Looking for New Master Minh” this is a real dream, the characters still have to wake up and return to real life.

Kim Dung’s story does not have enough room to act, Tan Minh Chu will be the new martial artist. In the game you can become anyone and compete with any expert. That is also the reason why Doc Co Cau Bai lived in the same era as Kieu Phong in Thien Long Bat Bo and had duels with Cau Tap Nhan in Hiep Khach Hanh.


Not only the characters in the movie, even many of us have also dreamed of practicing magical skills, fighting all over the world without opponents. Kim Dung’s swashbuckler novels have shaped the childhoods of many 8x and 9x generations. Tan Minh Chu understands this clearly, which is why he has built the foundation for a new martial arts that you can participate in and develop your dream.

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Furthermore, through the short film, Tan Minh Chu also wants to convey the message of solidarity and the eternal national spirit of the Vietnamese people: “Brothers from 64 provinces and cities, we are all family, chickens share the same mother, never fight together.” This is even more significant at a time when the Covid epidemic has not been completely resolved around the world, the government has been very successful in preventing the epidemic, this is the time when we must join hands for development, give a leap to reach the world. .


In short, the short film “Chasing Tan Minh Chu | KUNG FU CHALLENGER” by Tan Minh Chu and Action C has recreated many people’s childhood dreams. Kim Dung’s love for martial arts remains forever in many hearts, some people realize that dream by making movies like Action C, some people transform into Tan Minh Chu characters.

If you don’t know, Tan Minh Chu is an extremely popular sword game by Kim Dung on the App Store and CH Play today. In the world of Tan Minh Chu, you can become Quach Tinh, Duong Qua, Kieu Phong, Lenh Ho Chong, participating in battles to destroy the Thuong frame and the cave in Hoa Son Luan Kiem or Quang Minh Dinh. Feel how martial arts masterpieces like Doc Co Cuu Kiem, Giang Long Thap Bat Chuong, Dan Chi Than Cong, Cap Mo Cong… seem to overflow on the screen with extreme emotion with 3D graphics.


Let’s transform into your favorite character, immerse yourself in martial arts techniques and become Tan Minh Chu with the love of Kim Dung martial arts!

Download the game to join the world of Kim Dung martial arts: https://tanminhchu.vn/landing?shortlink=pr&pid=PR&c=PR​