The shooter “Codename Spark” takes a new test

Codename Spark game bắn súng với thử nghiệm mới

codename spark is the title Shooting game Latest application developed on mobile devices on the market. Currently, this game is in the process of starting a new testing phase, promising to bring many improvements to the players.

Codename Spark shooter with new testcodename spark shooter with new test

Codename Spark: The long-awaited shooting game

codename spark is the title shooting game and survival was built with a large scale of development; The targeting will be a genre of mobile games with potential competition in the market.

Just “preparing” for a new test, codename spark It was extremely “feisty” with the quality of the graphics not to be faulted.

Codenam Spark shooting game with quality graphics.Shooting game Codenamed Spark with quality graphics.

known, title battle shooting game This game has top-notch graphics quality, thanks to the advanced graphics engine released by Epic Games, Unreal Engine 5: This is an extremely high-quality graphic design tool for games, which helps users to enjoy a great experience.

codename spark build the main character (player role) is a lucky young man to survive the fierce fighting. He then planned and organized a team to avenge his attacker.

In addition to the previously revealed main character’s personality, codename spark it also revealed more about the tasks players need to perform when participating.

codename spark it requires players to accumulate a lot of resource trophies such as wood, food, things necessary for the start of their wandering adventure. And it is important not to forget that players must build a territory and create weapons for combat.

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In addition, players also have to face difficulties ahead, waiting for you to catch you. Therefore, this young character and his teammates need courage to overcome great challenges in the game, face cold winds in winter, or not have enough food to sustain themselves. How to survive the day?

Shooting Game Codename SparkShooting game codename spark

The game with the gameplay is not too difficult for the players, but it is not “tired” because you can see the quality of the investment that the “big guys” have invested in. codename spark Readers will surely be surprised.

Different from titles computer shooter different from the complexly laid out character survival stats, codename spark vice versa!

The publisher of this shooting game has created a player character with a fairly simple survival rate. Players will feel what the game character shows, for example, hungry, thirsty due to lack of food through the status bar.

Also, with a large scale built on top of the game. codename spark In this game, players will experience extremely satisfying battle scenes, freely choose to explore other lands such as forests, mountains, deserts, etc. to support the development of experience-related needs Experience survival in the wild.

Here is some information about codename spark is about to be released for players in the near future, we are also looking forward to this game, so readers, don’t forget to follow not to miss the good news!

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