The Sims 5 Mobile “move” to prepare to attack the in-game village

Project Rene được EA nhá hàng

The Sims 5 Mobile It was confirmed that it is in the testing process before launching into the mobile gaming market. Not in vain to wait for the “Sims-er” brothers, even if the big Electronic Arts wanted to “hide the products”, I couldn’t stand it!

Sim 5 mobile is coming soonThe family context of The Sims (The Sims 4)

Official legend “return”.

Remember about 20 years ago, The Sims used to be a famous name on gaming forums. SThe success exceeded our expectations. The Sims has partly brought Electronic Arts (EA) a large source of income.

According to an official EA source, The Sims 5 Mobile officially entered the testing process on mobile devices with many new tests on features and character lines, but in principle, it still needs to maintain the standards of this game series.

Basically, The Sims 5 Mobile Built and developed with a safe space, allowing players to freely research, design and create their own unique world. The game graphics will also be further improved, the character line will also be expanded, the story setting and events will also be further researched and developed.

When will The Sims 5 Mobile be released?

Project Rene is mocked by EAProject Rene is mocked by EA

There is no fixed date The Sims 5 Mobile starting to develop with the project”Rene project”, of course, they all need a finishing process before being launched on the market.

The Sims 5 Mobile promises to be a potential “warrior” to break through in the mobile market, worthy of your wait and boom. Blog Game Player hopefully in 2023, this game there will be revolutionary changes, affirming your name in the game market!

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