The strongest weapons in the game.

The strongest weapons in the game.

Hell: Sword Point It is becoming the most popular battle royale game today by bringing the theme of swordplay to the players. Not only that, with beautiful graphics, ornate gameplay, and extremely fast gameplay, Naraka has breathed a new lease of life into today’s overcrowded survival game world.

So, to help most players get familiar with Naraka as quickly as possible, GameHub would like to have a guide on the best ultimate weapons in the game right now. With this article, we hope that readers will soon be able to catch up with the game and earn their own victories.

Spear – Spear school

The spear is an extremely powerful weapon in the game when it has a very fast attack speed. Not only that, with a wide attack range, when the enemy is low on health it is almost impossible to escape from your pincer position. On top of that, the ability to build up internal strength or pull off a full combo will allow the player to deal massive amounts of damage and knock the enemy back.

Long Sword – Long Sword

Another introductory weapon for players, Naraka. Although the longsword’s basic attack is nothing special, the built-in power will allow players to perform extremely powerful horizontal and vertical slashes. With a wide range of damage and the ability to alter the enemy’s position, this longsword move is one of the most widely used attacks by players today.


Katana – Japanese Sword

Unlike long swords, Katana’s ability to build up internal strength allows players to throw a series of swords at lightning speeds. Once combined with the hook, players will have for themselves an extremely powerful enemy gank combo and significantly draw blood from the prey’s body.


Repeating Crossbow – Rapid Fire Crossbow

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The rapid-fire crossbow can be considered a long-range weapon with the closest gun-like mechanism in Naraka. With a fast fire rate and the ability to fire “bullets” at the target continuously, this weapon allows players to deal a large amount of damage in a short amount of time. The weakness is that you have to align the “charge” time before going to war, which is completely convenient for ganks with a large number of enemies.


Additionally, a tool can also be considered an extremely powerful weapon for players to combine in combat. That is the hook. There, when the hook hits the target, you can close the gap with extremely fast timing, not to mention when you rush to give the opponent some significant blood-stinging moves. Mixed with melee weapons, this is one of the things you need to take advantage of to win.

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