The survival game Rust has sold more than 12.4 million copies

The survival game Rust has sold more than 12.4 million copies

Developer Facepunch revealed that Rust has sold over 12.4 million copies and sales of DLC expansions have also surpassed 1 million. For 2022, the development team is planning an arctic update that will be released in the very near future with the arrival of polar bears.

It seems that this survival game is gaining popularity year by year. In February 2021, Rust reached a new record high for concurrent player count of around 245,000 and quickly surpassed Cyberpunk 2077 in Steam sales. And now, in Facepunch’s 2021 roundup, the developer revealed that not only did Rust set a new concurrent player record of 267k, but sales were also very high. The game sold 12,481,079 copies with 1,111,846 DLCs, had around 1.37 million concurrent viewers on Twitch, and reached a staggering 1.3 billion total views.


Apparently the heat of Rust hasn’t cooled down and Facepunch has also introduced some updates for 2022. The changes will start next month with quality of life and will continue with the release of the Arctic update in the very near future. The developer also promises a lot of new content such as weapons, items, events, vehicles, animals, and more this year.

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