“The Teacher Ba Team Survival Plan”

"The Teacher Ba Team Survival Plan"
14 volumes of Moving Toon will be released for free on POPS.

“Team Master Ba’s Survival Plan” is the first comic series about the Streamer and Esports community in Vietnam, co-produced by SBTC and POPS. Recently, the digital version with movement and sound (Moving Toon) of this series was sent to fans of the first episode through the POPS application.

“Team Master Ba’s Survival Plan” tells of the adventures of the SBTC members in a virtual world, and they have to fight their way to “cross the map” into the real world. Each member will play a character with their own unique personality and appearance. Master Ba chose for himself a warrior character with the role of “a gladiator skilled in martial arts and supplementary magic” with a body of 6 durian segments. The appearances of Petland, Kit, Clear and Lando are equally creative.

Kit transformed into a stuffed animal, Clear chose a delicate figure, Lando turned red and skinny.

In the story, in addition to the humorous content of the “comedy team”, readers will also see many times that the characters show the same personalities as the original in real life. For example, Teacher Ba appears with a personality that often plays “dirty” and “naughty” games, but is friendly; Kit is cute, Clear has an occupational disease,… Not just entertaining comics, the situations in “Professor Ba’s Survival Plan” once again confirm to fans the way in which “Living with Emotions” by League is taken care of of Legends. SBTC team when it was first established.

“SBTC” means “Live with love.”

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