The virtual reality game Peridot already has a release date

The virtual reality game Peridot already has a release date

Peridot, the new title from Pokémon Go developer Niantic, will launch globally on May 9. Niantic’s new product will feature the same location-based operations as many of its other games, but will go deeper into collecting and caring for “points.”

Dots are magical creatures with the ability to eat, sleep, play with toys, explore the environment and then get bored, they can develop unique personalities and are always in need of a loving adopter. Each Dot is unique, Niantic says, and will inherit traits from her parent when crossed with Dots from other players.

Peridot will be Niantic’s second new product release this year, following NBA All-World, the officially licensed basketball game featuring the developer’s signature location-based gameplay. NBA All-World has had trouble garnering attention, yet the game only grossed $160,000 USD in IAP revenue and 1.8 million downloads after its first month on the market.

Niantic also recently revealed that another location-based game, Marvel World of Heroes, will launch globally later this year. The amount of information about Marvel World of Heroes is pretty scant right now, but in a short Q&A on Niantic’s website, Senior Producer Lyza Faylona said, “I love MMORPGs, which is why I love MMORPGs. MMORPG. I’m very excited to bring it to life.” world. Going to a place, seeing it and interacting with it through the lens of a Marvel superhero is something I really look forward to.” Lead game designer Neil Melville added: “We’re not satisfied with AR with just one version of the Marvel Universe and will allow players to travel to multiple universes in the Multiverse. Marvel Universe to interact with different characters and stories in the Marvel Universe. same place. .”

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