The Witcher Star Henry Cavill Reveals His Passion for Gaming

The Witcher star revealed that he is also a die-hard fan of this game series.

Actor Henry Cavill, renowned for his roles as Geralt of Rivia in Netflix’s The Witcher and Superman in DC films, is not just a talented actor but also a devoted gamer. During a recent interview at WitcherCon, Cavill showcased his deep knowledge and enthusiasm for gaming by interrupting the interviewer to inquire about a detail related to Warhammer 40K, a popular game series.

The interview, conducted by MTV reporter Josh Horowitz, primarily focused on the release date, episode titles, and the new trailer for The Witcher season 2, set to air in December. However, it quickly turned into a captivating conversation when Cavill’s passion for gaming took center stage, making it an entertaining and enlightening 45-minute exchange.

In the midst of discussing The Witcher, Cavill couldn’t help but divert the conversation to a topic that truly intrigued him – the background photo. He humorously shared that he “gnashed his teeth” every day on set because he couldn’t find any fellow Warhammer fans to engage in discussions about the game’s intricate details.

With an astute eye, Cavill pointed out that the remarkable chandelier in the middle of the set resembles the Blackstone Fortress from Warhammer 40K. His observation showcased not only his dedication to the Witcher series but also his appreciation for the influences of other games. He commended the talent of designer Andrew Laws, pondering whether Warhammer served as his inspiration.

The Witcher Star

Henry Cavill’s revelation about his gaming passion adds another layer of complexity to his persona as an actor. It highlights his genuine interest in the gaming community and demonstrates that his enthusiasm for The Witcher extends beyond his on-screen portrayal of Geralt of Rivia.

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As fans eagerly anticipate the release of The Witcher season 2, they can revel in the fact that the actor behind the iconic character shares their love for gaming. Cavill’s dedication to his craft and his authentic connection to the gaming world contribute to the allure and authenticity that make The Witcher series such a captivating fantasy experience.

Henry Cavill Warhammer

So, whether you’re a fan of Henry Cavill, The Witcher series, or the dynamic world of gaming, the revelation of Cavill’s gaming passion is an intriguing insight into the man behind the iconic characters. It’s a testament to the immersive power of gaming and the profound impact it can have on individuals from all walks of life.

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