Tips to “Rank Up” in Tan OMG3Q VNG

Tips to "rank up" in Tan OMG3Q VNG

If you’re a fan of Tan OMG3Q VNG, you know that collecting powerful generals is just the beginning. Combining these generals effectively is the key to success. Not to mention, PvP features like Arena and Peerless Arena demand your attention if you want to stay ahead of the competition. So, how can you rank up in Tan OMG3Q VNG and dominate your opponents? Here are some tips to help you climb the ladder and achieve victory.

Training Venue: Testing Ground for Unique Formations

When you reach level 65, Trials become a crucial testing ground for your squad. It’s where you can train your generals and optimize their abilities. Each region, including Quan, Wu, Shu, and Wei, offers different Thi Luyen maps that open at specific times.

During trial training, you can only use Martial Generals from the corresponding faction. However, if you use designated champions, all attributes of that general will increase by 30%. Clearing each level successfully will reward you with exclusive resources and powerful equipment. The Trials also allow you to follow and review replays of players who have beaten Thi Luyen before, creating a competitive atmosphere that pushes you to find the most optimal formation to overcome challenges.

Tips to rank up in Tan OMG3Q VNG

Furthermore, with the ability to change generals from various countries, you can experiment with new and unique formations in Ai Thi Luyen. This way, you can find the strongest squad that suits your playstyle before entering real battles.

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Unparalleled Arenas: The Battle for PvP Supremacy

Once your team is trained and ready, it’s time to take your competition to the next level with the Arena and its upgraded version, the Peerless Arena.

In the Arena, your goal is to defeat as many opponents as possible and rise up the ranks. Your achievements in these battles are recorded, and at the end of each season, you can earn prizes based on your highest rank. To reach the top, you need to work hard, defeat higher-ranked players, and continue climbing until you become the number one player in the Arena.

Tips to rank up in Tan OMG3Q VNG

In the Peerless Arena, you must form up to three squads and compete in a BO3 format against other players. Winning two out of three matches secures your victory. One key tip to remember is to skillfully rotate your team in between matches. Although you can’t freely change your team during the battles, you can strategize and prepare for the next match after the end of each battle. Reviewing your fighting and training methods is crucial for success in the Peerless Arena.

Focus on Team Synergy

In Tan OMG3Q VNG, the strength of your squad lies not only in their combat power but also in your ability to combine the forces of your generals. It’s not just about collecting new generals; you should also focus on improving the strength of your existing ones. Utilize features like Do Giam, level up, increase stars, and raise ranks to enhance the abilities of your generals.

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Tips to rank up in Tan OMG3Q VNG

These activities not only provide you with income in the form of gold, silver, and powerful generals but also allow you to customize your team’s formation and adapt your strategies. The game challenges you to create the most complete attack and defense pairs possible, as you and your opponents can challenge each other to overcome higher levels. Building a team that leans too heavily in one direction can make you vulnerable when facing other players.


Tan OMG3Q VNG offers a wide range of exciting competitive activities for players to indulge in. The game immerses you in a fiery atmosphere, igniting your desire to jump into battle and conquer your opponents. If you’re looking to climb the ranks and dominate in Tan OMG3Q VNG, remember to test your squad in the Trials, give it your all in the Arena, and focus on building a well-rounded team.

For more detailed information about Tan OMG3Q VNG, you can visit the Capturing Fantasy website, where you’ll find updated content about the game.

So don’t wait any longer—grab your generals, strategize, and embark on your journey to become a legend in Tan OMG3Q VNG!