How to Master The Last of Us Remastered: New Game+, Grounded Mode, and Max Upgrade Trophies

How to Master The Last of Us Remastered: New Game+, Grounded Mode, and Max Upgrade Trophies

Are you ready to take on the challenge of The Last of Us Remastered? With a few clever strategies, you can earn every single trophy in the game, including those from New Game+ and Grounded Mode. So, let’s dive in and discover how to enhance your gaming experience to the fullest!

Conquering the Game Modes

To start, let’s discuss the different game modes and what they entail. You can complete the game on Easy, Normal, Hard, or Survivor difficulty levels. However, if you wish to unlock all trophies in just two playthroughs, you’ll need to utilize the New Game+ feature.

  • Easy +: Complete the game on Easy +
  • Normal: Complete the game on Normal
  • Normal +: Complete the game on Normal +
  • Hard: Complete the game on Hard
  • Hard +: Complete the game on Hard +
  • Survivor: Complete the game on Survivor
  • Survivor +: Complete the game on Survivor +

On top of that, if you enjoy a challenge and want to test your skills to the limit, you can try Grounded Mode. It was added to the game as a free DLC, designed to provide an extra layer of difficulty. Grounded Mode is similar to Survivor difficulty but with an added level of toughness.

The Trials of Grounded Mode

Grounded Mode introduces several challenges that will put your skills to the test. The scarcity of ammunition, crafting items, and supplies will force you to manage your inventory and make every shot count. Even items behind shiv doors are reduced, so be mindful of your resources.

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Stealth becomes an absolute necessity on Grounded Mode. Enemies are deadly and can take you down in just a couple of hits. Staying in stealth as much as possible not only ensures survival but also reduces the risk of being overwhelmed by multiple foes. Remember, headshots are crucial, as they save precious ammunition.

Additionally, using the environment to your advantage is vital. Utilize the bottle/brick functionality to stun enemies, giving you an opportunity to close in for a silent kill. This tactic will help conserve ammunition, a valuable resource on Grounded Mode.

Be prepared for a challenging journey. Grounded Mode may require multiple attempts to complete certain sections. If you find yourself struggling, take a break, play some multiplayer, and return with renewed focus. Patience and persistence will lead you to victory.

Unleashing the True Potential: Max Upgrade Trophies

Aside from conquering the different game modes, you’ll also need to upgrade Joel’s skills and weapons to earn the “Everything we’ve been through” and “For emergencies only” trophies.

To fully upgrade Joel’s skills, keep an eye out for supplements, which can be found by searching rooms and areas throughout the game. Exploring thoroughly should allow you to unlock this trophy around halfway through your second playthrough. Don’t forget to start a New Game+ since your stats won’t carry over in a normal game.

The “For emergencies only” trophy requires you to upgrade your weapons. However, upgrading is only possible at workstations, so plan your upgrades accordingly. Keep in mind that you can only upgrade weapons you have already picked up, so some upgrades may have to wait until later in the game. In high difficulty New Game+ playthroughs, there might not be enough parts to upgrade even after two playthroughs, so be prepared for a potential third playthrough.

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To optimize your upgrade process, it’s recommended to hold off on upgrading any weapons until you find the flamethrower. Once obtained, start upgrading weapons from the ones found later to the ones found earlier. This way, if you need a third playthrough, you won’t have to replay the entire game to finish upgrading the last weapons if they are already fully upgraded.

An Adventure Beyond Single-Player

Congratulations! You have successfully mastered the single-player mode of The Last of Us Remastered. Now, it’s time to explore the multiplayer aspect of the game. Head over to the next page to discover valuable information and tips to enhance your multiplayer experience.

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