Top 7 Gundam Anime You Can’t Help but Watch

Top 7 Gundam Anime You Can't Help but Watch

Gundam is one of the most popular and influential Japanese series in the world, of which the following 7 series are rated as the best.

Gundam Seed


Gundam Seed is a battle between two human races: the Naturals and the Coordinators. Interestingly, the protagonist Kira’s childhood friend Athrun is assigned the task of stealing the Gundam and Kira has to face this friend to protect the other friends from her.

gundam age


Gundam Age is an interesting series as it follows the style of talking about 3 generations of Gundam pilots. The three main characters in the series are Flit Asuno, Asemu Asuno, and Kio Asuno, each generation following the tradition of being pilots. Although the series is only 49 episodes long and still lacks character development, it is still appreciated for its beautiful fight scenes and cool Gundam visuals.

Mobile Suit Gundam: Char’s Counterattack


This series continues talking about the confrontation between Char Aznable and Amuro Ray. Not only impresses with the plot, but the graphics of the movie also make the anime viewers admire it. If you like Fin Funnel and intense and fierce battles, this movie is for you. What makes viewers regret is that the character of Quess has not been exploited to the fullest, but this is also difficult for a two-hour movie.

Unicorn Gundam


Gundam Unicorn is quite short with 7 episodes, but the uniqueness is not inferior to its sister when it comes to exploiting the character to the fullest and the epic and exciting combats. This series also confirms Amuro’s death.

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G Gundam Mobile Fighter


Most of the Gundam series is about weapons, but Mobile Fighter G Gundam leans more towards Kungfu fighting. Its plot is also different from the 5 gundams used to fight a political battle. This is not a series with the best plot, but its battles are really eye-catching.

Gundam 0083: Stardust Memory


First of all, this is a series with a very catchy soundtrack, about the character Kou, who is in a low position compared to the abilities of his opponent Gato. But throughout the series, Kou gradually becomes more advanced and finally gains the upper hand as he should.

Turn a Gundam


Turn A Gundam is considered to have unique and different graphics compared to other Gundam series. The story follows that the citizens of Earth have forgotten the space wars of the past, but the colonists known as the Moonrace have a plan to capture their home planet. And the main character, Loran, is a citizen of Moonrace determined to fight to save humanity.