Traverse the new realm of power of the righteous Wudang

Traverse the new realm of power of the righteous Wudang

With the new update just released on November 23, players who “maintain” the Vo Lam Truyen Ky Mobile martial arts sect have been given the opportunity to access new martial arts realms. The two new factions, Khon Nguyen and Thai Hu, are awakened, both possessing stark differences in abilities and gameplay compared to the original Wudang. In this article, let’s find out why Wudang Kun Nguyen and Thai Xu have become the focus of the entire gang in recent days.

What to do to wake up Wudang?

Since the new version of Martial Arts, players who reach level 60 or higher and join Wudang can awaken this new realm. Like the famous works of martial arts, players will have to complete a series of tasks to optimize Tinh – Qi – God, and at the same time challenge the strong enemy, Vo Lam Minh Chu, and then directly feel the killing intent of the. battlefield to build bases. This task system is quite simple, you just need to do it enough times.


Finally, players only need to visit the Wudang Dao master Nhat Chan Nhan to listen to the lecture and receive the Divine Potion, a medicinal pill that allows you to choose one of the two sects. In particular, players are not required to choose their own, if you feel it is not suitable for Thai Hu’s play style, you can drink one more spirit potion to change to Kun Yuan and vice versa. The time interval between each pill is prescribed at least one hour.

Awakened, choose Khon Nguyen or Thai Hu?

Although it is possible to switch between the two factions, surely every player wants to choose the correct sect to eat immediately. So, let’s explore the advantages of these two factions, as well as what you should pay attention to when traveling with them to see which playstyle is best suited for you.

Wudang Kunyuan’s skill set

Khon Nguyen is considered a faction for players who want to take their opponents head-to-head on the battlefield. This faction still fights with the well-known martial sword technique, but it can slow down the opponent, stun them, rush towards the target… Wudang Kun Nguyen’s familiar skills change more or less with use. His Immortal Stand shield ability can even taunt and deal massive damage to enemies around them.

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Thanks to skill set adjustments, players who pick up Khon Nguyen will be able to chase down their opponents extremely effectively, unleashing high damage and high attack rate melee moves. Thanks to that, Kun Yuan was dubbed the horror of weak support characters or DPS (Damage Per Second). The ability to absorb life force also helps Khon Nguyen to be more resilient. In terms of damage and violence, Khon Nguyen really has the advantage over Thai Xu.

Wudang Thai Xu Skill Set

Contrary to Khon Nguyen’s melee-favoring martial arts system, Thai Hu possesses long-range attack abilities. Based on the Wudang Ngu Sword Art basic attack that allows them to damage multiple opponents in a straight line. In addition, familiar skills like Heaven and Earth Infinity, Sword Phi Kinh Thien, and Nhan Sword Unity also help Thai Hu gain a foothold in the big gypsy battles.

With two completely different fighting directions, Vo Dang Khon Nguyen can become stronger in solo or PvP battles that are not too crowded (Thong Thien Thap, Hoa Son Luan Kiem, Tam Ma…). When you want to join the cross-server guild battlegrounds, Tong Kim, Cong Thanh Chien… Vo Dang Thai Hu will have a much bigger advantage.


Both factions have the No-Self Situation ability, which increases the ability to protect life. In addition, it also uses agility points to resist a lot of damage from enemies. Although it is still necessary to avoid becoming the target of most, overall thanks to the long range advantage, Thai Hu proved to be quite “buffalo” and easier to survive on the battlefield.

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Notes when facing counter-sects

The awakening of Wudang with two factions brings incredible fighting power, but they are also the practice of the Earth. Therefore, it is necessary to be careful with the Five Poisons, Tieu Dao, and Wood-type attacks of the disciples of these two sects. The damage of the Five Poisons is very high while the Wudang disciples are not too tough, although the AOE damage of the Wudang can help them partially resist the poisons of the Five Poisons.


Meanwhile, Tieu Dao has too strong control, which can make it difficult for Vo Dang to push his damage output in big battles. Also, Vo Dang Khon Nguyen and Thai Hu don’t forget that Than Co heavily counters his ability to create self-defense shields for a reasonable head-to-head strategy.

The fact that the sects are opposed to each other is evident in Vo Lam Truyen Ky Mobile. Although Khon Nguyen and Thai Hu are not perfect, in return, once awakened, Wudang characters, regardless of sect, can suppress Shui sects in a superior way than before.

With the above exchange, we hope to help Vo Dang players of Vo Lam Truyen Ky Mobile to know which is the right choice when awakening between Khon Nguyen and Thai Hu. I wish you success in choosing a sect that is right for you and leaving a reputation in the world.