Twisted: The Game Show – A Television Adventure Worth Remembering!

Twisted – The Game Show
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Are you ready for a trip back to 1993? Imagine being one of the proud few to own a 3DO, desperate to find a game that will impress your friends and showcase the system’s multimedia capabilities. Look no further – Twisted: The Game Show has got you covered!

Enter the World of Television

In Twisted: The Game Show, you find yourself inside a game show set in the realm of television. But this isn’t just any ordinary game about a studio or its employees. No, this game takes place in the surreal world of Palindrome, lurking behind your TV screen. Picture a fusion of the Red Room from Twin Peaks and the vibrant geometric shapes of the ’90s. Intriguing, right?

An Eccentric Cast of Characters

As you embark on this adventure, you’ll encounter six playable characters, each embodying the worst stereotypes of ’90s daytime television. From the greedy televangelist, Humble Howard, to the tough military fitness show host, Major Steel, and the enigmatic phone psychic, Elaine, the cast is a captivating mix of personalities. And let’s not forget Wormington, accompanied by his adorable black dog, Otis, or the CGI Pez dispenser named Uncle Fez. Each character brings their own flair to the game.

The Challenge Awaits

Your goal is simple: navigate through a hundred squares in the Palindrome and reach the end before your competitors. Roll the “CyberDie” at the start of your turn to determine how many spaces you’ll move. But beware, rolling a 0 means winning “nothing” – quite the anticlimax!

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Unpredictable Twists and Turns

As you progress, you’ll encounter various colored squares on the board, each leading to different events. Some squares force you to skip your next turn, while others grant you an extra roll. However, the majority of squares trigger the real challenge – the “challenge” squares that test your luck and decision-making skills.

The Luck of the Draw

When landing on a “challenge” square, another player randomly selects one of three rows on a 3×3 grid. Your task is to choose a column, and the resulting intersection determines your fate. The catch is that you have no idea what the other player has picked, making it a game of chance. Cross your fingers and hope you don’t choose the bomb, which ends your turn accompanied by a stock footage nuclear explosion. Brace yourself for the nostalgic reminders that this game was truly born in the early ’90s!

Ready for Mini Adventure?

Along the way, you’ll encounter a variety of mini-games that grant you additional turns upon completion. Most of these games are puzzles, testing your mental prowess rather than reflexes. Engage in image and sound matching games, sliding tile puzzles featuring still images and public domain footage, or even trivia. Be warned, though – the trivia is deeply rooted in ’90s pop culture and politics, so modern players might find themselves scratching their heads. The most action-packed mini-game, “Zapper,” requires you to swiftly select TVs playing commercials and prevent a fuse from running out. Keep your wits about you!

Waiting and Watching

One downside of Twisted: The Game Show is that only the current player can actively participate in the mini-games. If it’s not your turn, you’ll find yourself patiently waiting and watching others play. While you wait, you’ll be treated to video clips and loading screens, reminding you that early CD-based systems had their quirks. A typical game can last from 45 to 75 minutes, but with a full four-player match, it may feel like an eternity. Variety is scarce, with the game’s difficulty system being the only saving grace, making the mini-games progressively more challenging the more you win.

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Humor Amidst Repetition

If the gameplay alone isn’t enough to keep players engaged, Twisted: The Game Show offers a sense of humor that oscillates between chuckles and slight cringing. The comedic value of Wormington screaming for his dog, Otis, to run away from a giant cartoon bomb wears thin after a few repetitions. The characters’ constant complaints when you lose a turn don’t help either. But fear not, the game’s highlight lies in its occasional commercials. From invisible dog toys (minus the dumb mutt) to the Rug Club, a toupee doubling as a bludgeon, you’ll find yourself amused by the absurd products.

The Final Verdict

Twisted: The Game Show may not fully achieve its intended purpose of showcasing the 3DO’s capabilities. While the game impresses with its full-motion videos and four-player support, its repetitive nature and lengthy duration may deter modern players from fully immersing themselves. Nevertheless, it serves as a nostalgic time capsule, offering a glimpse into the gaming landscape of the ’90s. The future held promise as developers refined this concept and ventured into exciting new directions.

So, why not give Twisted: The Game Show a chance? Step into the television adventure and see if you have what it takes to escape the Palindrome. Remember, the ’90s were a twisted time, and this game captures that essence perfectly.

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