Twitter API change may affect mobile game account access

Twitter API change may affect mobile game account access

Upcoming Twitter API (Application Programming Interface) changes could see many gamers get their accounts locked for titles like Genshin Impact, Goddess of Victory: Nikke, and many more. Some developers were quick to recommend that their players link emails to their game accounts.

Players can completely lose thousands of hours invested and even money spent in the game if they do not follow the advice of the developers because they can lose access to their accounts. The official Twitter Dev account announced that free access to the Twitter API will no longer be available this week. Users will have to pay to access this data starting February 9.


For game publishers, these new changes have the potential to be dramatic. Games like Genshin Impact and Goddess of Victory: Nikke allow players to link their game accounts to Twitter to log in via the social media platform. These API changes will affect the old process, which could make it impossible for people to continue accessing their favorite games.

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