When Underwater Cables Cause Online Disruption

Two underwater fiber optic cable lines had problems, players cried because the network was delayed

Have you been experiencing network delays, unstable connections, and difficulties accessing popular websites recently? You’re not alone. Users in Vietnam have been facing similar issues, all thanks to problems with two undersea fiber optic cables that connect the internet from Vietnam to the international market.

The AAE-1 Cable: A Link to Europe, the Middle East, Hong Kong, and Singapore

Internet service providers in Vietnam recently discovered a voltage drop on the S1H branch of the AAE-1 cable line. This cable, which has been in operation since mid-2017, is a vital connection for Vietnam to Europe, the Middle East, Hong Kong, and Singapore. Unfortunately, a broken part at the top of the cable is causing the delay. There is currently no estimated time for resolving this issue, but efforts are underway to rectify it as quickly as possible.

APG Cable: A Minor Setback for Vietnamese Users

The Asia Pacific Gateway (APG) is another international fiber optic cable that connects Vietnam to Hong Kong. Maintenance work has affected internet speeds for Vietnamese users, but the impact has been minimal. Rest assured, your online activities should still be running fairly smoothly.

A Load Balancing Act

With two out of the five stable fiber optic cables facing problems, internet service providers are working hard to minimize disruptions. They are implementing load balancing techniques and rerouting connections to ensure the best possible service for users. The hope is to have the maintenance and troubleshooting work completed promptly so that the APG and AAE-1 lines can return to normal operation.

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Underwater cables

In the meantime, be patient and understanding. These situations can be frustrating, but the providers are doing their best to address the issue and restore seamless connectivity. Remember, maintaining reliable internet connections is a complex task that requires expertise.

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