Types of attractive goal bets in soccer betting

Kèo cược đội nào lội ngược dòng

for types goal bet, players only need to worry about the total number of goals that two teams can score in the match, no matter which team wins, which team loses. This type of bet usually has only two options: Over and Under or Over and Under. Let’s learn about the common types of soccer goal bets.

Both Teams To Score: Both Teams To Score

Both Teams To Score: Both Teams To ScoreBoth Teams To Score: Both Teams To Score

As the name suggests, the “Both Teams to Score” bet refers to predicting whether both teams in the match will score or not. Players place bets based on the probability that both teams will score a goal. In goal bet In this case, the bookie often offers two options, “Yes” and “No” for both teams to score.

If both teams in the match score, the corresponding result will be “Yes”. Conversely, if no goal is scored or only one of the two teams scores, the result will be “No”. Goals are counted when they are correct and valid. If there is an own goal, that goal will be scored for the opposing team, considered a valid goal at the referee’s discretion.

Goal Odds Betting

Goal Parity is one of the most popular types of football bets today. Known for its simplicity and ease of play, friendly goal bet This catches the attention of many people.

Based on the element of chance, goal parity offers exciting wins if players master the rules and regulations of the game. In parity, players bet on the total number of goals scored by both teams, seeing if the number is odd or even. The dealer will offer two main options, odd and even. If after 90 minutes of play the total number of goals is even, the players who have bet on the even selection will win and receive a deserved reward.

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Goal parity is an interesting option in football betting as it gives players the chance to experience exciting matches with goal bets and share the joy of winning.

Bet on which team will score first – then – not to score

Bet on which team will score first – then – not to scoreBet on which team will score first – then – not to score

This is a bet to predict which team will score the first goal, the last goal and no goal. This type of bets only appears in reputable bookmakers that have a team of good experts to offer the correct odds. goal bets This is mainly used in major tournaments and is very easy to play.

The odds of winning this bet are 50 – 50. However, when playing this bet, players should note that if the match is postponed but there is a previous goal, the bet still applies.

Goal Difference, also known as “Margin of Victory”, players will bet on the winning team and the score that team will score until the end of time. There are 2 types of these bets that are offered by the bookie, namely the first half and the whole match.

Before the match starts, the house will give the odds and the number of goals difference for the players to bet on. Differential target options include:

  • The draw was goalless with the score 0-0.
  • Tie on all scores except 0 – 0.
  • Bet on the home team to win by 1, 2, 3, 4 goals or more.
  • Bet on the away team to win with a difference of 1, 2, 3, 4 goals or more.
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The way to calculate the winnings in Asian Odds Goals is as follows: Win amount = Bet amount x odds corresponding to the number of goals offered by the bookmaker before placing the bet. Note that goal bet The difference is only counted in the official 90 minutes of play and does not include stoppage time.

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Bet on which team will return

In the field of football betting, the team comeback is a type of bet with a bet 20-25 times higher than the original bet. Therefore, since its appearance, this type of bet has attracted the attention of many players. However, not all bookmakers offer this bet and return matches are quite rare. If the match you are interested in has this bet, don’t miss out on your chance to win big.

In the comeback bet, the player will bet on which of the two teams is likely to return at the end of the match. The payout percentage of this bet is very high, however, it can vary depending on the house and each specific match. The matches with the possibility of a comeback are not many. Therefore, this probability of winning is usually lower than other types of bets. The process of placing bets is quite simple, just predict whether the team that is likely to return is the away or home team and place your bets accordingly.

Bet on which team will returnBet on which team will return

Here are some types goal bet in football betting, attracting the interest of many players. I hope the above exchange of capturingfantasy.com It helped you gain more useful knowledge to engage in betting activities.

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