Ubisoft could be developing new Far Cry games


Far Cry games typically focus heavily on the single player campaign, but also offer options for players to cooperate and compete against each other. Additionally, Ubisoft is constantly releasing DLC ​​for these games, a good example being Far Cry 6. The game features three additional pieces of content, each exploring the story behind the villains from the previous game in the series along with an expansion though. Information about upcoming games in the Far Cry franchise is very limited, new leaked news has revealed a number of projects in development at Ubisoft.

According to Insider Gaming, Ubisoft is developing Far Cry 7 alongside a multiplayer-only title in the Far Cry series. Sources shared that both titles were originally one game, but have since been split into two separate titles. Far Cry 7 is internally called Project Blackbird while the multiplayer game is called Project Maverick and both involved Ubisoft Montreal in the production.


Insider Gaming also shared that the Far Cry multiplayer game has changed many times during development and is now a shooter with permadeath (cannot respawn) mechanics. This Far Cry game is set in the Alaskan wilderness and this title may have been in development for a long time according to a 2015 survey, referring to a survival game set in remote Alaska.

Compared to the multiplayer title, information on Far Cry 7 is somewhat sparse, but it could also be set in the Alaskan wilderness, as the two games were originally supposed to be a project. Far Cry 7 will be several years away, and it looks like the game is aiming for a fall 2025 release. Ubisoft hasn’t shared its plans for the future of the Far Cry series, but previous reports do seem pretty reasonable. However, fans still need to stay awake and wait for the official announcement from the developer.

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