Ubisoft could be preparing to develop a new Far Cry game

Ubisoft could be preparing to develop a new Far Cry game

As revealed from a long list of new recruits posted by Ubisoft Toronto, a new Far Cry game is in the works. In its 12-year history, the Canadian studio has completed five games, including Tom Clancy’s Splinter Cell: Blacklist and the two most recent Far Cry titles.

Ubisoft has released seven Far Cry games since 2012, though the series has started to lose steam in recent years. This change is reflected in the reviews of Far Cry 6 being the worst game in the series. Ubisoft has finally decided to continue mining the Far Cry IP after a potential Season 6 release with the aim of salvaging the brand’s declining popularity.


Ubisoft Toronto appears to be targeting a new installment in the series and has begun recruiting 15 positions for an unannounced Far Cry project. The upcoming game may not be in the mainline series, but Ubisoft’s Far Cry spinoffs have previously been produced by the Montreal studio, while the Toronto branch has been in charge of the mainline games since Far Cry 5.

The content on the recent work list doesn’t reveal anything specific about the upcoming game, though it does suggest that the game hasn’t entered development yet. More than half of the vacancies are filled by department heads and directors, indicating that the project is still in its infancy. This coincides with a leak from March, which indicated that Far Cry 7 has not yet begun development.

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