Underground Tycoon Chim Se Go Nang Creates New Company and Team in the AoE Esports Community

Underground tycoon Chim Se Go Nang "went private" and created a company with a registered capital of 14 billion VND.

For fans of the Age of Empires (AoE) esports community, Sunbird needs no introduction. He is widely recognized as the best Empire player in Vietnam, with an impressive track record spanning from 2011 when he started his professional career at GameTV. Recently, on his birthday, June 1st, Sunbird made a significant announcement. He revealed his decision to part ways with Ego Media and establish his own AoE company and team. The newly formed company, Chimsedinang Studio, will house his team, SBS (Slow But Sure).

A New Chapter Begins

Sunbird’s departure from Ego Media marks a milestone for his career. With the establishment of Chimsedinang Studio and the SBS team, he aims to take his passion for Empire sport to a new level. The team already comprises some talented members, including Sunbird himself, Manh Hao, Namsociu, and Anh Huy. Two additional players, Thanh Lak and Van Huong, may join the reserve team. Moreover, Bui Hoang Dan and Hai Mario will serve as commentators for the team’s matches.

Underground tycoon Chim Se Go Nang went private and created a company

Building Something Spectacular

Chimsedinang Studio is no ordinary venture. With a registered capital of 14 billion VND, the company showcases Sunbird’s commitment and determination to the AoE community. As the majority shareholder, Sunbird holds an 80% stake, equivalent to 11.2 billion VND. In a heartfelt message shared on the Fanpage, Sunbird expressed his gratitude and stated that establishing Chimsedinang Studio was a long-awaited milestone after more than a decade of professional participation in AoE tournaments.

Sunbird’s motivation behind creating his own company stems from his desire to offer the audience more exciting and fulfilling matches. He aims to inject new colors and emotions into Empire matches, enticing both new and existing fans. Taking this new journey, Sunbird aspires to achieve continued success and create a new clan that brings joy to the Vietnamese Empire community.

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Sunbird's announcement on Fanpage
Image source: Capturing Fantasy

Join the Adventure!

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For more exciting updates and content, visit Capturing Fantasy, where you can immerse yourself in the world of gaming.

With his immense talent and unwavering dedication, Sunbird’s new endeavor promises to captivate the AoE community, creating a lasting legacy in the Vietnamese Empire. Get ready to witness the rise of the SBS team and Chimsedinang Studio—a game-changing force in the world of AoE esports.