Union Gunner with high damage skills, huge amount of damage to the enemy team!

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Coalition gunner with high damage abilities it has become the fear of all species with the ability to sweep away the opponent with a single attack. This is also the general pool that many dedicated gamers currently have.

tank generals gunner alliance high damage skills

The gunner is always the key player of the team, the factor that deals the most damage to the opponent, but not all cards can be quickly removed in one move. If you have a champion in your hand Coalition gunner with high damage abilities hey you should feel lucky because they will carry the team with high damage output!

violet gunner

Violet As the first AD general to appear on the Mobile Union platform, it’s no wonder this gunner possesses such incredible skill.

Coalition gunner with high damage abilitiesViolet

Violet She has a first move that deals massive damage to the opponent near the end of the game, and if the opposing team is running low on health, Violet’s first move can wave goodbye to the opponent’s champion in an instant.

It hasn’t stopped here Violet Currently, she is the leading general in number of skins in Mobile Union, and with her superior ability, Violet is the most popular gunnery general.

capheny gunner

capheny Although she is a sniper that shoots short and sustained damage, but if she can build up enough reserves, this sniper will create a super powerful cannon shot, a Capheny cannon shot is more than enough to send the opposing team off. homeland immediately.

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It is because it is so strong that currently, the power of the cannon of capheny is being reduced, the amount of damage dealt to the opponent will also be slightly reduced. However, in tanking allied gunners with high damage abilities, Capheny is still an optimal choice.

Coalition gunner with high damage abilitiescapheny

elsu gunner

Elsa Possessing a special talent is the ability to hide the identity, not reveal the face of the soldier, and the amount of health will always be displayed in a weak state. A heavy hit from the Elsu Gunner has never let players down with the ability to deal damage is extremely spectacular.

movement 2 Elsa In the early stages of the game, it will create strong damage, making it easy for the opponent to immediately fall into a state of “agony”.

Coalition gunner with high damage abilitiesElsa

However, this gunner currently has a rather high ban rate because the damage output is too strong, plus controlling Elsu is not easy for the camera. So if you want to hold ADC Elsu to take bot lane, you have to be very careful. Allied High Damage Gunner Generals Hey.


If you want to conquer the bot lane with Allied gunnery generals with high damage abilities In this case, the two faces above will be suitable and easy to control, especially for newbies, you should not use General Elsu.

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