Unleash the power of the Raiden Shogun skill set in Genshin Impact

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Because Raiden Shogun Skill Set As the preeminent power and the ability to fight in many different positions, this girl is easy to control, and she can flexibly choose the position that the player loves to maximize her ability. In Genshin Impact, Thunder God Raiden Shogun is one of the most sought after characters by players. Let’s find out with capturingfantasy.com.

Raiden Shogun Character Summary

In the land of Inazuma, Raiden Shogun (real name Raiden Ei) is known as the great lord Narukami Ogosho – God of Thunder, who led the Inazuma people to eternal life, immortality.

character information

Classification: SS+

Number of stars: 5

Role: Support, Enabler

Element: law

Weapons: Love

Raiden Shogun Skill SetRaiden Shogun Skill Set

Raiden Shogun Biography

Raiden Shogun she is a little sister with a slender body, bright face and soft voice; In addition, Raiden Shogun’s skill and strength beyond ordinary people also help her become the greatest faith among the majority of the inhabitants of Inazuma City.

She was born with two different identities, in addition to a powerful Raiden Shogun, there is also another being called Shogun. However, although two and one, one and two, Raiden cannot control the Shogun of hers, or in other words, she cannot control the Shogun by herself, but by the leaders of the Inazuma organization, manipulate and control the Shogun. be Shogun.

However, in general about both the inner being Raiden Shogun we can all see it Raiden Shogun Skill Set is a peerless skill item, belonging to the ranks of SS+ generals in genshin impact.

Raiden Shogun Skill SetRaiden Shogun Skill Set

Raiden Shogun Skill Set received a lot of praise from the public right after her debut, she is always appreciated for her inner strength. Due to her special ability, Raiden is always ranked on the list of top generals who can occupy the most positions, for example, Raiden can fight well even when she is placed in support positions, secondary and primary DPS.

Also, it is not for nothing that players are waiting for the appearance of Raiden ShogunIt is commented that most of the girls have an attractive body, a beautiful face, a very nice overall appearance, and that is also one of the main reasons why Raiden Shogun’s attraction has skyrocketed since the beginning of the release date. launch.

Raiden Shogun Perks

Raiden Shogun it has a fairly stable charging effect and continuous fast cooling. This is an important factor for Raiden Shogun Skill Set can create the most powerful drag elemental damage energy on the opponent. It can increase the ability damage of the entire team, and the elemental energy of the entire team will be restored when Raiden appears.

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Also, this Lightning item is a very easy character to play and build, one of the classiest SS+ characters in the land of Inazuma in particular and Genshin Impact in general.

Raiden Shogun Disadvantages

Raiden Shogun Even if she is a god, she can’t be perfect, this little sister has no talent in cooking. However, this is not very important for a player.

Also, Raiden’s Lightning-type reaction to other elements is often not strong enough to KO opponents. This can be considered a weakness in Raiden Shogun skill set.

Raiden Shogun Skill SetRaiden Shogun Skill Set

Raiden Shogun Skill Set

Raiden Shogun possesses extremely melancholic abilities, the ability to slash enemies in vicious attacks.

attack ability

regular attack: Raiden attacks the opponent with up to 5 consecutive hits

Massive Attack: Raiden will quickly slash the opponent with his sword, by applying this move, Raiden will consume a certain amount of physical strength.

Attack when responding: When Raiden hits the ground after floating, he will attack his opponent, dealing ranged damage when he hits the ground.

elemental skills

Raiden Shogun Skill Set will unlock the Eye of Punishment effect for teammates, then the entire team will increase their fury skills and also deal damage to the opponent.

Allies who have increased their fury abilities will begin to attack and take additional lightning elemental physical damage. If the rage skill consumes too much mana, everything will be increased with high damage. However, the character accompanying Raiden needs to spend more than 80 energy to be able to use the rage ability well.

rage skill

Intrinsic: Activate to build up willpower when an ally uses fury abilities near the Raiden Shogun.

Activated: All based on the current willpower rating to create huge damage. Raiden’s allies will restore elemental mana, and the attack also deals stronger lightning elemental rage damage. In addition, activation also makes the entire team immune to inducer damage and increases resistance to interrupts.

Raiden Shogun Skill SetRaiden Shogun Skill Set

Weapon type for Raiden Shogun

Although she is an SS+ goddess, she is extremely picky about weapons. So having this character, players sometimes get a headache when choosing a combat weapon to be compatible with it. Raiden Shogun Skill Set. If he chooses the wrong weapon for Raiden, the player will not be able to promote all the abilities that this little sister possesses. As for the weapons that are not enough, Raiden Shogun will not be able to show the craft of him.

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Raiden Shogun Skill SetRaiden Shogun Skill Set

longsword project

The weapon that allows Raiden to unleash the full potential of the little sister. It can be said that this is one of the most suitable weapons for this Lightning girl.

ghost scepter

This weapon will unleash Raiden’s full power when his health drops to 50%. So the Magic Scepter is a weapon that often goes hand in hand with Raiden Shogun Skill Set when he dueled with the boss.

church flattery

Raiden Shogun he will become a strong warrior if there is a shield maker in the squad. Because the power of Advocate Spear will manifest and help her double her power, high tech and Raiden Shogun Skill Set much more developed.

backbone of heaven

with this weapon, Raiden Shogun you will get critical stats, charge efficiency and base attack boost.

fish hunting

This sword will be a vital weapon for Raiden when he reaches Refinement level 5, it is even more powerful if the Thunder-type little sister is at 50% reduced health and has a Bennett support character.

holy relic for Raiden Shogun Skill Set

Raiden Shogun There are many holy relics that are suitable and can be used very well.

Silent Venerable: This relic will be suitable for Raiden Shogun if in the event that the character squad has lightning elemental damage to the opponent.

Separation mark: Increases the damage of lightning effects and can very well improve the efficiency of elemental charge.

Thien Nham: This can be considered an increase in the ability to create shields for allies when the Raiden girl casts her abilities, along with 30% of the shield effect and up to 20% damage.

Inner + Thunder Rage: This relic has extremely stable ATK buffing ability, in case Raiden doesn’t have enough of the relics mentioned above, this will also be a good choice.

Raiden Shogun Skill SetRaiden Shogun Skill Set

Battle Formation for Raiden Shogun

With this battle formation, Raiden Shogun will be the god possessing the most preeminent energy in Inazuma, this little sister will be able to integrate all the Raiden Shogun Skill SetLightning elemental effect to deal the most damage to the opponent.

Yoimiya, Raiden Shogun, Zhongli và Xingqiu

First with the character Yoimiya, she is a god who can create cannons from her own elemental blast, from which the Pyro effect can spread over a wide area to hit enemies quickly. Zhongli and Xingqiu act as support for her in this lineup.

Raiden Shogun Skill SetYoimiya
Raiden Shogun Skill Setzhongli
Raiden Shogun Skill Setxingqiu

Raiden Shogun, Kujou Sara, Bennett vs. Kazuha

With this alignment, Raiden Shogun will be applied when attacking the opponent, Kujou Sara and Bennett will be support characters and power ups for Raiden in this case. In addition, Kazuha will be the elemental that causes the elemental explosion and releases the elemental DMG from the reactions that reduce the opponent’s resistance.

Raiden Shogun Skill Setkujou sara
Raiden Shogun Skill Setbennett
Raiden Shogun Skill Setkazuha


That’s via a long biography article overview as well as Raiden Shogun Skill Set With the abilities and elemental effects that this little Lightning girl possesses, you will learn how to build this character and coordinate with your teammates to fight in Genshin Impact.

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