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LCK Mùa Xuân 2023

LCK Spring Split 2023 – The biggest League of Legends tournament in the Republic of Korea is officially back!


Calendar Week 9 | round 2

The focus of the weekend match belongs to GEN vs DK.

In the first leg, GEN defeated DK with a score of 2-0, but recently, they have not shown more complete performances when they lost to KDF in the most recent match. DK is gradually regaining its form with a 6-game winning streak, and if the next meeting with GEN, DK can avenge the debt from the first leg, we have to wait until the weekend!

The LCK Spring 2023 matches will be held on 3 official broadcast channels: Twitch, overall LCK and Vietnamese LCK.

credit: LCK

LCK Competition Performance Spring 2023 | W8R2

Classification of the teams Week 8 Matchday 2 last.

GEN fell out of form against a young KDF team, T1 avenged HLE in the first leg with a score of 2-1. Top 6 teams in PO officially revealed: T1 – DK – GEN – KT – HLE – LSB.

(credit: LCK)

POG Points continues to be the focus of Keria and Oner, a very exciting week for Support and T1’s Jungle. Followed by Viper, Clozer and the new appearance of mid laner DK – Showmaker.

POG Points (credit: LCK)

Calendar Week 8 | round 2

(credit: LCK)

LCK Competition Performance Spring 2023 | W7R2

The classification of the teams from week 7.

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The team that won the playoff ticket has been revealed, including T1, NS, GEN, KT, HLE; there, T1 and DK officially won the spot to enter the semifinals of the season.

(credit: LCK)

There is no doubt about the persistent performance of the members. T1 in the spring of 2023, the first rank for the telecom warriors is also understandable!

They have a solid roster, they have a solid ban/pick strategy, they have a great match macro mentality! With such a talented team, it’s hard to beat T1 if they play with 100% effort.

Dplus KIA – who ranks second is also one of the most talked about factors for the defending LCK Spring 2023 champion.

Considering the professionalism of the players, Dplus KIA It’s still a formidable team.

They have stable matchup macros, strong and solid teamfights, especially on lower teams, and they have Deft, the AD carry player who has the ability to take very good care of himself when lane pushing and teamfighting. If operating according to the game revolves around the gunner, Dplus KIA may well exploit its bottom line.

the match between T1 and Dplus KIA In the semifinal, LoL Park posts and global chat channels exploded again.

Soon, we will witness a Korean League of Legends performance that is extremely eye-catching!

Staff POG (credit: LCK)

Currently, with the performance and performance of 10 teams, we have something to guess what the next playoffs will be like.

The three teams that had to part with the playoffs are DRX, NS and KDF.\

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It is a pity that they did not play well in the first legs, which caused their second legs to also be weighed down by psychological barriers. Dismal losing streaks will be inevitable for potential players. .

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Individual Stats – LCK Spring 2023 Teams | W7R2

(credit: Naver)

In the top laner category, DK Canna leads the way with a total KDA score of 4.1.

In second place is Kiin, although KT Rolster is currently ranked fourth (with HLE rank) on the table, the achievement of KDA 4.0 among top laners in the LCK common ground is excellent.

DK Canyon topped the overall KDA score of 5.4 among overall junglers.

Also, the highest %FB parameter belongs to the player GEN Peanut with a rate of 56%

GEN Chovy and DK Showmaker have the highest total KDA score of 5.5; in which Chovy’s damage per minute (DPM) is currently the highest among mid laners.

DK Deft continues to be DK’s trusted AD carry, having earned a total KDA score of 7.4; Damage Rating (DPM) 687 and %KP (Combat Rate) reached 73%.

T1 Keria is definitely the standout player to be named on this week’s spec sheet with a gold/min (GPM) of 282 and a KDA of 6.4.

However, the player with the highest %KP (support/fight ratio) was DK Kellin with 80% overall.

Team statistics.

*LCK it is the largest League of Legends esports tournament in Korea and is also the region with the highest level of esports performance in global League of Legends history.


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