Uzi announced the creation of an esports team with his younger brother Pham Bang Bang

Uzi announced the creation of an esports team with his younger brother Pham Bang Bang

Recently, Uzi, a former legendary player of the Chinese League of Legends, announced that he will cooperate with Pham Thua Thua to form a new esports team. This information immediately attracted the attention of the gaming community and the media in a country of billions of people.

In June of last year, Uzi officially announced his retirement due to health issues. The former RNG player shared that he developed type 2 diabetes after a long period of pressure, maintaining bad habits such as eating erratically and frequently staying up all night. Furthermore, Uzi’s old injuries are quite serious and often recurring, which does not allow him to continue his career at the highest level of League of Legends.

However, retirement does not mean that Uzi is saying goodbye to esports completely, but rather that he will move on to manage his own team. The team founded by Uzi and Pham Thua Thua is known to be called UFG and is currently recruiting excellent LoL Mobile players aged 16 and up to prepare to participate in major tournaments. This is certainly good news for fans of this Chinese gaming legend.

Pham Thua Thua

For those who don’t know, Pham Thua Thua belongs to Lehua Entertainment and is a famous idol in China. In January 2018, he participated in the Idol Trainee competition and debuted in third place. This male idol born in 2000 is also the younger brother of famous actress Pham Bang Bang.

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