Valve is selling Steam Deck “2Hand”

Valve is selling Steam Deck "2Hand"

Valve currently sells “standard refurbished” Steam Deck portable PCs for less than a new device. The Steam boss promises that refurbished devices will be thoroughly tested at Valve’s facilities and offer “the same 1-year warranty as the new Deck.”

Standard Refurbished Steam Decks will be priced as follows:​

  • 64GB: $319 USD ($399 USD for new)

  • 256GB: $419 USD ($529 USD for new)

  • 512GB: $519 USD ($649 USD for new)

Valve advises that the supply of qualified refurbished Steam Decks is limited, and the company expects all devices to find new owners as soon as they go on sale. Interested readers can learn more details here.


“Each qualified refurbished Steam Deck has been thoroughly tested to the same high standards as our other retail items,” Valve said. Each device undergoes a hard factory reset, software update, and extensive testing including more than 100 tests at one of Valve’s facilities. The tests will examine the controller, audio system, display, and internal components. The device battery is also tested to ensure normal operation and full service life.”

While all of the refurbished devices meet or even exceed the performance standards of the new Steam Deck, Valve says that the 2Hand decks may have some minor cosmetic flaws.

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