Valve suddenly announced a big update plan for Team Fortress 2

Valve suddenly announced a big update plan for Team Fortress 2

To the surprise of many, Valve recently announced plans to update Team Fortress 2 by 2023. Team Fortress 2 is already over 15 years old, and many people think that Valve seems to have moved on to other projects. However, Team Fortress 2 is still the most played team shooter on Steam.

The official update history of Team Fortress 2 includes 759 updates since the game launched in 2007. But the update list shows that each year the FPS title receives no more than one or two updates since 2017 and most of the updates are Scream. Fortress: Limited-time Halloween event. Jungle Inferno (released in 2017) is considered the last major update for Team Fortress 2.

After nearly 6 years of waiting, Team Fortress 2 players will finally get their reward for patience in 2023. An official Team Fortress 2 blog post has confirmed that Valve plans to give it a “comprehensive major update.” The update includes not only new items, but also maps, provocative emotes, unique effects, war points, and possibly more content.


However, the above blog post is not an official announcement of the new update, so details about Valve’s plans have yet to be revealed. The developer is calling on Team Fortress 2 Steam Workshop creators to submit related content before May 1st if they want their work to have a chance to appear in the update. This implies that Valve itself isn’t planning the update itself, but the vast selection on Steam Workshop also offers more in-game content than Team Fortress 2 has received in a long time.

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