Very laid-back game Dave the Diver is “taking it by storm” on Steam

Very laid-back game Dave the Diver is "taking it by storm" on Steam

Dave the Diver has attracted a lot of players since its release on Steam on June 28. The new game has sold more than a million copies on the Valve platform. This casual, cozy and unique indie game tells the story of a sushi restaurant owner named Dave as he embarks on an adventurous journey with strange friends and discovers the secrets hidden deep under the seabed. A healthy community of players is growing by the day and the quality of Dave the Diver is a contributing factor to the game’s success.

With countless positive reviews currently on Steam, Dave the Diver not only hit the million player mark, but also scored 89 on Metacritic and OpenCritic. On Valve’s platform alone, more than 28,000 players have left detailed feedback about how they became Dave and why the game is so engaging. Dave the Diver has been on the best seller list since its release.

Game Director Jaeho Hwang responded to all of the player feedback so far, saying, “I appreciate the positive feedback from the community, as well as everyone’s important feedback.” The developers have consistently stuck to the pixel game since its release, providing a number of bug fixes to ensure quality is maintained. Dave the Diver also attracted over 98,000 concurrent players 3 days ago.

Dave the Diver is the debut product of the Korean studio MintRocket, a subsidiary of the Nexon publisher. MintRocket is currently working on a Switch version of the game, set to release later this year. This pixel game has also been verified by Steam Deck.


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