Veteran CD Projekt Red Devs Present Their Debut Work After Splitting From The Old Studio

Veteran CD Projekt Red Devs Present Their Debut Work After Splitting From The Old Studio

Dark Passenger, a new Polish-based independent studio founded by experienced CDPR developers, has announced its first project. Based on a new concept, this nameless game is set in feudal Japan and uses Unreal Engine 5 as the core development engine.

Studio Dark Passenger includes veterans who worked for CD Projekt Red on renowned projects like The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt and Cyberpunk 2077, along with new professionals. The team’s first project is currently in the early stages of production, so the developers can only show off a piece of art, which shows off the aesthetics of the upcoming game.

The Nameless Game is a first-person online game project that combines elements of PvE, PvP with stealth. Players will transform into shinobi, kunoichi warriors and face off against other assassins to pursue the same goal. Players can create unique characters and even build their own Dojo, a personal space to practice and socialize with other players. In addition, players can also modify and customize the character’s weapons such as the katana, darts, tanto short sword, or kunai throwing knife.


Another highlight of the game is the parkour system and the design of the vertical environment, which creates great mobility. This allows the player to quickly scale walls and pagodas, jump over rooftops and other obstacles, hide under the floors of wooden houses, or even run with arrows shot by other players. These are very agile ninjas.

Finally, to make each match unique and unexpected, the studio plans to force players to adapt to the environment, finding the most suitable approach to take down the target. Dark Passenger is developing the project on Unreal Engine 5 for PC and the current generation consoles PS5 and Xbox Series X | S.

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