Video of Real-Life Players Recreating Captain Tsubasa’s “Punch Shooting” Moves Goes Viral After 7 Years

Video of real-life players recreating Captain Tsubasa's "punch shooting" moves suddenly becomes popular after 7 years

In the scorching heat of summer, Euro 2020 has become a “cool” and captivating football event for millions of sports fans worldwide. As football enthusiasts embrace a month of “eat football, sleep football,” news about the best matches and fascinating insights into the beautiful game always pique their interest.

Recently, on social media, particularly Facebook, numerous football news sites and sports-loving groups have fervently shared videos of Japanese players recreating Captain Tsubasa’s astonishing shots from the manga series of the same name. These shots are incredibly difficult, some might even say “impossible.” Astonishingly, these videos have been around since 2014, but even after seven years, they continue to captivate football fans and enthusiasts of this beloved children’s manga.

Video of real-life players recreating Captain Tsubasa's "punch shooting" moves

Captain Tsubasa, also known as Tsubasa – Turf Dream, is a manga series written by the renowned author Takahashi Yoichi. First published by Shueisha in 1981, the series revolves around the captivating world of football. The protagonist, Oozora Tsubasa, is a prodigious Japanese soccer player. Through years of rigorous training and overcoming challenges, Tsubasa becomes the captain of the youth team and eventually joins the Japan national soccer team. The Tsubasa Turf Dream manga series initially appeared in Shueisha’s Weekly Shonen Jump magazine from 1981 to 1988. It spanned 37 volumes and gained widespread distribution, captivating fans of all generations. Following its release, the series received a warm reception, igniting a craze for manga and anime works with football themes.

Real-life players recreating Captain Tsubasa's "punch shooting" moves

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In conclusion, the allure of Captain Tsubasa’s mesmerizing shots transcends time. These videos, which resurfaced after seven years, continue to captivate football fans worldwide. So, sit back, relax, and indulge in the magic of Captain Tsubasa’s “punch shooting” moves!