Vietnamese esports participated in 7/9 competitions at Sea Games 32

Vietnamese esports participated in 7/9 competitions at Sea Games 32

Specifically, Vietnam eSports will participate in the following topics:

  • Crossfire: Teammates

  • PUBG Mobile: Personal

  • PUBG Mobile: Teammates

  • Mobile Leader: Bang Bang: Men’s Team​​​​​​​​​

  • Mobile Leader: Bang bang: female teammates

  • League of Legends: Wild Rift: Teammates.​

  • Valorant: Teammate.​

Commenting on the presence of Vietnam e-Sports at this year’s Congress, Mr. Do Viet Hung, Secretary General of VIRSA, said that the selected contents have all had popular movement activities, won professional awards in the country and participate in international competitions.

“Based on the recent evaluation and update of the correlation of forces of the Southeast Asian countries, Vietnam eSports will make the best efforts to achieve the goal of being in the top 3 of the entire team and having the best expectation results of gold medal”. said a VIRESA representative.

Currently, to prepare for the 32nd SEA Games, VIRESA and national publishers are coordinating to select and establish national eSports teams from their respective disciplines. The entire National Selection Round of subjects will be implemented in February 2023 and will be based on the selection of the highest professional level tournament in the country.

VIRESA worked with the Cambodian SEA Games Organizing Committee in Phnom Penh, comprehensively supporting the organization of eSports at the 32nd SEA Games. Photo: VIRESA.

“SEA Games 32 will be a special SEA Games for eSports when, for the first time, the 11 countries of Southeast Asia will attend, becoming a complete symbol of the spirit of solidarity and friendship recommended by the countries of the region. With the comprehensive support of VIRESA, Cambodia is ready,” emphasized Mr. Hung.

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Esports at the 32nd SEA Games will take place from May 4-16, 2023 in Phnom Penh, Cambodia. According to the regulations of the Cambodia SEA Games Organizing Committee, each country can only register up to 7/9 content based on the list published for this topic.

Previously, eSports at SEA Games 31, held in Vietnam, had 08 themes with 10 competition content corresponding to 10 sets of medals. Participating countries can register to participate in the entire event. With 4 gold and 3 silver medals, Vietnam ranked first in the entire group.