Vietnamese streamer was robbed and broke into his house directly on Livestream

Vietnamese streamer was robbed and broke into his house directly on Livestream

As many provinces and cities are forced to implement social distancing due to the complicated evolution of the COVID-19 epidemic, many criminals have taken advantage of the deserted streets to commit robberies. Even some provinces like Khanh Hoa registered that these criminals were also infected with COVID-19, making the victim’s family a direct threat to their life and health.

The incident of the criminals trying to break into the new house also happened on the live broadcast of Hoang Khue TV, a well-known Streamer in the community who is active on the OTA Plus program.

Hoang Khue TV – A famous Streamer who overcomes the difficulties of the community.

Specifically, when Hoang was live broadcasting the League of Legends game, a loud noise was suddenly heard. The viewers themselves at the time also noticed it, some even commenting that the outside sound was a bit loud. But the seemingly small began to get more confusing as Hoang looked away from the screen with a tense expression toward the door.

Hoang’s next sentence immediately shocked the viewers: “Have you gone to sleep…?” -Hoang turned to his relatives and asked. “Sleep,” the woman’s voice answered. “Someone just opened the door to see my house, everyone…” – Hoang said afterwards. A series of events followed leading viewers to believe that this Streamer family had just been robbed by criminals, even though they hadn’t played the robbery trick yet.

Hoang when he discovered that a stranger had broken into the house.

It is known that Hoang also had a thief in his house once. Sharing on Livestream, Hoang said that even in the past, criminals had beaten his wife and his sister, so he had to be extremely vigilant. Fearing that the criminals will still be outside, Hoang also intends to broadcast live overnight, partly because he wants everyone watching to follow the situation with him. Fans also constantly encouraged him and there were comments advising him to watch the gate more closely. The incident is known to have occurred between 9:30 p.m. and 10:00 p.m. on September 1.

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The incident occurred at minute 2:58:00 of the Livestream.

Crime stories appearing on Livestream are no longer strangers to communities of content creators and streamers. Recently, in June, Streamer Sterna Lewis was also threatened by a group of 3 men with guns to their backs while her 2 children screamed in panic because they thought her parents had been killed. Russian streamer Girl_fighter also found herself in a similar situation, although the criminals didn’t take anything, they just broke into her house and left.

This is a wake up call for home safety during social distancing. As the street is very deserted, the criminals will take the opportunity to enter by force or even threaten to carry out their robbery.