Vietnamization of the Three Kingdoms of Total War: The Three Kingdoms fight against “brain strain”

Tựa game chiến thuật Tam quốc chí

Total War Three Kingdoms Vietnamese is a famous war game with a compelling story set in ancient China from AD 169 to 280. With great investment from script, plot to visuals, this hit war game deserves to be on the list of best PC games. in Vietnam.

Vietnamization of Total War Three Kingdoms – perfect every little detail.

Total War is the most expensive game series under Creative Assembly (CA) copyright, a key factor contributing to CA’s sales growth in recent years.

Vietnamization of Total War Three Kingdoms: the theme of war has never been "cool"The subject of war has never been “cold”

The origin of the “blockbuster” of war

Total war It successfully created the perfect standard for strategy game series, when it blended harmoniously between Grand Strategy (Macro Strategy) and Squad-Based Strategy (Group Strategy) to create a separate series of “Untouchables” game versions titled Total War.

However, few people know that behind the success of a game is the extensive research and construction of the development team. Looking back at a number of Total War game genres carefully “honed” by Creative Assembly, we can see that this “brother” is always dedicated and serious about all his products.

CA has created many war-themed games for Total War series, from the context research process, formation history to specific battle tactics to form a perfect war game.

And this is how Total War Japanese Version, Ancient Roman Version, Modern Warfare Version and even Warhammer World Version achieved great success in the market!

Not stopping there, Creative Assembly still has ambitions to develop more novel versions for the title. vietnamization game this potential. Total War continues the journey to explore new lands by challenging the context of ancient China.

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And that’s when it’s super Vietnamization of Total War Three Kingdoms born!

Vietnamese Total War Three Kingdoms with an elaborately choreographed backdropThe scene is elaborately staged

Realistic ancient china through the small screen

the plot of Vietnamization of Total War Three Kingdoms was inspired by the theater of warfare in ancient China from 169 to 208 AD

When the government of the Han Dynasty entered a period of decline, causing the masses to be discontented with the Chinese government, the war led by Truong Giac set in and broke out in force. The peasant class also revolted to create a civil war among the people. and the court

On the court side, the lords at that time issued a decree to establish an elite army directly under the Royal Family to directly confront Truong Giac’s army and the ruled peasant class.

The mighty army was established under the five greatest generals in China at the time, Liu Bei, Cao Cao, Ton Kien, Dong Zhuo, and Lu Bu.

Total War Vietnamization of the Three Kingdoms: Shaping the Generals of the Three KingdomsGenerals of the Three Kingdoms

The Chinese Civil War was fierce and bloody, with thousands of lives falling in terrifying layers. The powerful army under the command of five prominent Han generals has made the situation worse than ever!

Faced with the situation of “thousands of pounds hanging by a hair”, Truong Giac decided to raise the flag of surrender and withdraw his troops when the number of soldiers was seriously declining. An unhappy ending for those who dared to oppose the Han court.

After the event after Truong Giac was influenced by feudal forces, Western Luong’s crown prince Dong Zhuo infiltrated the imperial court, causing a serious weakening of the Eastern Han central government. Under Dong’s influence Zhuo, the local feudal lords were freed to create a strong power throughout the Chinese territory.

Vietnamization of Total War Three Kingdoms: Bloody Battlebloody battle

Vietnamization of Total War Three Kingdoms: Single Battle Troop

game title Vietnamization of Total War Three Kingdoms It not only revolves around the content of the Battle of the Three Kingdoms or the Coalition against Dong Zhuo, in addition, players can also expand the battle design with small situations such as the Ha Bac campaign between Cao Cao and Vien Thieu and the army. from Shandong, for example.

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Vietnamization of Total War Three Kingdoms: Cao Cao in the creation of a commanding generalProminent politician Cao Cao

Unique troop tactics!

Similar to the previous version, Vietnamization of Total War Three Kingdoms Set in the Three Kingdoms period, the player will engage in a mighty war to destroy the opposing faction, unify China, and become the supreme ruler.

Vietnamization of Total War Three Kingdoms: the battle begins!The battle begins!

During the battles, you will be in command and control of your army of infantry and cavalry, all divided into different groups of followers who participate in army battles. In each battlefield, people can only deploy up to three units of soldiers at a time, and they can only approach soldiers that the general recruits. And victory belongs to you only when you destroy all enemies including generals and cavalry or capture the enemy base.

Vietnamization of Total War Three Kingdoms: Overviewbattle scene

dramatic play

total war three kingdoms Vietnamization includes two classic entries, “Romance Mode” and “Records Mode”.

For Romance, the generals will be novelized for their unique leadership and command skills. As for Records, the champion feature won’t be used much due to its closeness to actual history, sometimes even stripping generals of their own unmatched power. Therefore, Records mode is considered a step backwards for Total War when the battle between the Prime Ministers lacks depth compared to the rest.

Total War Three Kingdoms Vietnamese: Recreate historyre-enactment of history

The birth of the version. Vietnamization of Total War Three Kingdoms as a rebirth miracle from ancient Chinese history. The art goes with the story, the two sides create a masterpiece of Chinese warfare resurrected in one title Game Three Kingdoms Great War Best seller. The game circuit is just like reality, a harmonious combination of history and theory!

Minimum configuration for total war three kingdoms Vietnamization

CPU: Intel Core i2


Operating system: Windows 7 64-bit

Graphics card: GeForce GTX 650 Ti/ Radeon HD 7850 1 GB VRAM/ Intel UHD Graphics

Free memory: 60 GB

Discharge total war three kingdoms Vietnamization

Now that G has scored, enjoy!


In general, a strategy game. Vietnamization of Total War Three Kingdoms With the setting of ancient China now getting a lot of good reviews from the gaming community, this is a good choice for you too. I hope everyone has a great experience with this game!

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