Viper received a “huge” donation of 18 million VND from fans

Viper nhận donate

Recently, in the live broadcast, the HLE player Viper receives donationsNearly 18 million VND of fans made the esport brothers fall in love with the generosity of the Viper gunner fan community. Not only has the ability to lead the team, this arrow god also attracts fans with a series of extremely funny expressions. would like to send you information heard below.

Viper received donations of almost 18 VND from fans

Viper recently had a game session and interacted with fans on his live stream since he officially announced that he would be joining the HLE team. However, the normal live broadcast suddenly became “irregular” when the system suddenly announced that it had received a “huge” donation from fans with an incredible amount of 1 million won (~18 million VND).

Viper received "huge" donations from fans on the broadcastViper receives donations “terrible” from fans on broadcast

From the past until now, it is no longer strange for players to receive donations from fans. However, the intensity of this fan’s hand on Viper is really beyond his reach!

As a talented ADC who has played for many teams, especially EDG with the championship win in 2021, Viper has no shortage of occasions where many fans “customize” their wallet with the same relatively high amount of money. This made the guy “shocked, puzzled, turned on his head”!

Funny reaction after receiving donations from fans

Sharing on the live stream after suddenly receiving a “huge” amount, Viper immediately thanked fans, also not forgetting to remind fans:

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“What kind of generals do you want me to play? I respect you all. As long as you give me a name, I’ll be fine!”

Viper received "huge" donations from fans on the broadcastI saw that I woke up immediately!

Viper’s unexpected and adorable reaction really created a wave of excitement in the community. Most of the witnesses had the same thought: I don’t know where this benefactor came from, please accept my bow… This gunner was also rushed by many fans to joke with him with names like “coin slave”, “fanatic” . dimensional streamer’, ‘domesticated poisonous snake’.

The truth behind the “huge” donation from fans

However, after discovering the problem behind this sister radio, the entire town erupted like a bee breaking a nest.

When the true identity of this fan was revealed on social networks, many people could not help but laugh when they saw the boy crying bitterly for his mistake. People are not as rich as we think, people just transfer the wrong money, the consequences of pressing the wrong number 0 are unpredictable.

It turns out that this brother called “the rich man” actually transferred the wrong money, he turned out to be just the guy who received 1 extra zero!

Viper received "huge" donations from fansViper received “huge” donations from fans on the broadcast

Seeing this fan’s humorous handiwork, many people couldn’t help but laugh at the indescribably funny and awkward situation. Well, it’s a crime to look at it, but it’s okay, sad, it’s a bit sad, never mind the rain…

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